Sunday, January 27, 2008

An update on Ellie

Tomorrow will make three weeks since Ellie underwent surgery for replacement of her right knee. This past Thursday evening, Esther B. came over with a meal for us and brought Carolyn H. along as navigator. One of them -- I'm not saying which one, but Esther doesn't own a computer -- said I was falling down on my job because she had been reading my blog and I was not keeping people informed about Ellie's progress.

So today I am taking pen in hand, I mean putting fingertips to keyboard, and giving you an update. Among the things we have had intimate knowledge of in the last three weeks and have now dispensed with entirely are:

• Thrice-weekly visits by the home-health-care physical therapist
• Twice-weekly visits by the home-health-care registered nurse
• Frequent checking of Ellie's blood-glucose levels (they have returned to the normal range)
• A portable potty chair
• A wheeled walker
• Thirty-seven (37) staples in Ellie's knee

Some of these items have been relegated to the garage, some have been put away in a cabinet, some have been thrown in the trash, and some have been sent on their way with our thanks. I'll let you guess which are which. Ellie still needs to wear a brace while sleeping to prevent her leg from moving the wrong way accidentally.

My job description has changed from personal-care provider and server of brought-in food to the more ordinary tasks of preparing food and cleaning up afterwards, doing laundry and folding it and putting it away, chauffeuring Ellie to the twice-weekly outpatient physical therapy sessions, and trying generally to encourage her. Yesterday was a day for special rejoicing as we drove over to Frank and Rose S.'s place and retrieved our dog, Jethro, from his three-week vacation at his favorite doggie dude-ranch. He seems a little bewildered but glad to be back home. Add walking the dog to that list of tasks.

Thanks to everyone for the cards and telephone calls and food and prayers and other expressions of concern during this time.


  1. Glad to read Ellie's recovery is progressing well! Encourager.....that's an important role!

  2. Thanks for the update....guess complaining helps....Glad all's going so well!
    Guess Who!