Sunday, June 22, 2008

Birthday greetings and feline CPR

Today, according to the trusty old Writers Almanac, is the birthday of Erich Maria Remarque, Ann Morrow Lindbergh, and Billy Wilder.

If you never heard of any of these people, you are obviously much too young to be reading my blog. (Hint: But if you are curious, you can click on “The writers almanac” over there in the sidebar to the left and find out more about them. Curious people are what this blog needs.)

My mother used to say, “Curiosity killed the cat.” Ellie has always added, “But finding out brought it back.”


  1. Ok.. I'm older than dirt. I knew all three names. I confess I did do some Googling on Wilder for details; I'm not much of a movie buff. One thing I didn't know about him was that he was 95 when he died.

  2. Pat, thanks for continuing to read my scribblings. I really enjoy The Writers Almanac; it has been a fount of information.

  3. I didn't recognize the first name. Am I now required to stop visiting your blog?

  4. Jeannelle, absolutely not! You are excused from having to know Erich Maria Remarque because it is a literary reference (he wrote All Quiet On The Western Front, which was to World War I as Norman Mailer's The Naked and The Dead was to World War II). You spend so much time helping hubby on the farm that the rules committee has decided that an outdoor type should be substituted. How about Althea Gibson? Buster Crabbe? Jesse Owens?