Friday, June 20, 2008

On the advice of counsel

Well, not really, but Ellie, my wife of forty-five years, has expressed her opinion, and it is always wise to listen to one’s wife, especially one you’ve had for forty-five years. Based on what she said, I have decided to return the blog to its original format. The new look, she said, is “in your face” but the original look (the one you're seeing now) was “warm and welcoming.” The witness may step down.

I did receive two written comments. Pat, an Arkansas stamper, likes earth tones, brown and burnt orange and green. Ruth, an Illinois rose-grower, said the new format was very sleek and clean but it had a technology sort of feel; she added that for my content, which often includes history and retrospectives, the old format was a better fit. And the “number one” reason I have changed the format back: Ellie liked it better. As we say here in Georgia, if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

I decline to make further comment or answer any more questions on the grounds that I may tend to incriminate myself.


  1. YAY! As Miss Martha would say, listening to your wife is "a good thing!"

  2. I must be well on my way over the hill. At first I couldn't imagine whom you meant by "Miss Martha." Martha Raye, maybe? Martha Washington? Then my brain kicked into gear and I connected "it's a good thing" with (who else?) Martha Stewart!

    It takes me a little time, but eventually I get there.

  3. Yes, it's always good to avoid domestic strife.
    The look is very respectable.

    Nina at Nature Remains