Sunday, July 6, 2008

Theory debunked

Here’s proof that figs do not hang in twos:


  1. Oh, Bob, there's nothing I can say that's appropriate for a family-friendly blog.

  2. What lovely figs! (I am ignoring your narrative.)

    I have a large fig bush/tree in my back yard which is loaded with figs; none ripe yet, but when they start to ripen (in a couple of weeks), I'll have to be out there before the crack of dawn to beat the birds to them.

  3. Where did the original theory come from anyway...the one where figs come in twos? Call me crazy, but I never have heard it...maybe I'm too young and naive...

  4. Oops...I should have read the earlier blog first...

  5. Yeah, wouldn't you know.....its bunk.

    I just googled "figs hang in twos", and your blog came up on page 5.

    Here's a fig research site, with nothing relevant to this conversation, but has some cool pictures, if you scroll down far enough.