Friday, July 25, 2008

Tusen tak,* Jeannelle!

A faithful reader whom I have dubbed Jeannelle of Iowa (somehow, saying that always reminds me of Eleanor of Aquitaine, the mother of Richard the Lion-Hearted--but I digress) recently added links on her blog to two stories of mine that Garrison Keillor was kind enough to publish on his Prairie Home Companion site a while back. I will thank her by recommending that you go check out her fascinating blog about farm life in Iowa, Midlife by Farmlight. Jeannelle milks a mean cow and drives a mean tractor and rakes a mean field of hay and finds some mean wildflowers. I should also mention that Jeannelle is the person who took the photographs of the stained glass windows that I included in my post, “From the ridiculous to the sublime” earlier this month.

If you want to read my stories, Jeannelle’s link to Florabelle Oxley is just before her post called “Hog Calling,” and her link to Silver is just after her post called “Calf Eyelashes.” I could have put the story links here on my own blog, but that would deprive you of discovering a lot of interesting things to read and see on Jeannelle’s blog. When you get over there and poke about, you may decide not to even bother (gasp! a split infinitive! horrors!) with my stories.

* Tusen tak is what Norwegians say when they thank someone. I’m not Norwegian, but the phrase conveys more accurately than English what I wanted to tell Jeannelle: “A thousand thanks.”


  1. Well I'm a friend of Jeannelle's and you have a new fan. I read Silver and loved it. Added you to my blog roll. And I'll be a regular customer! Congrats on being published at Prairie Companion.

  2. Hi, Bob. I haven't had a chance to read your story yet, but I'll try to get over there today.

    I want to ask a favor. Monday I'm posting a dog parable with photos of multiple dogs. May I use your photo of Jethro, that you posted on his birthday?

  3. Hi, Ruth. Of course. Jethro and I would be honored.

    And hello, "afeatheradrift"! There'salways room for one more around here! Is your name supposed to imply that you are a feather that is adrift, or am I supposed to get two images, a floating feather (as in Forrest Gump) and also a six-foot snowdrift covering up a stranded vehicle? Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. Hi, rhymsie!

    Thank you for all the kind words in your post, served up, in your ever witty, clever way!

    I hope many, many people take time to read your Prairie Home Companion stories!!