Thursday, September 18, 2008

There are contests and then there are contests

While we here in America are once again involved up to our eyeballs in the race for President of these United States -- you know, that thing that consumes us every four years -- other parts of the world have contests of their own going on. And, as you can see from that photo up there, sometimes there are trophies at stake. For example, consider these contestants in France:

The earnestness of Senator Joseph Biden and Governor Sarah Palin pale in comparison to these two rivals. But what in the world are they doing? Whistling? Possibly, but no. Spitting, maybe? Bingo! Yes, spitting! But what are they spitting?

The photo below shows the judges, hard at work, doing what judges do -- judging:

And here’s a clue about the spitting:
I don’t even want to think about what the judges are measuring. Tobacco juice? Yeccch! But wait! Up there by the judges’ stand! There’s another clue! You have to be able to read French, though:

Now it can be told! The secret is out! This is the World Championship Prune-Pit Spitting Contest! And young Heloise and Abelard there are vying to become the Prune-Pit Spitting Champion of the World, or at least the vicinity of Ste. Livrade sur lot, Lot-et-Garonne, Aquitaine, France.

We should seriously consider incorporating this contest into our presidential race. I can see it now. In this corner, ladies and gentlemen, the Democratic contenders, Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joseph Biden. And in the opposite corner, the Republican contenders, Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin. And may the best prune-pit spitters emerge triumphant!

(All photographs in this post were taken by Michel Soultane, also known as Papy Biou, author of the blog Le monde comme je l’aime, and are used with his permission.)


  1. Bob, your comment gives me a good idea. It is like that the men of the rulling classes should regulate the conflicts in the world! If I am elected one day president, here or elsewhere, I will make adopt this proposal. So, I will authorize only mucus, and fighting face to face. The first man entirely covered will be the losing one !

  2. I've heard of watermelon seed spitting, but prunes? At least it's not a prune eating contest. That could have disastrous results.

    And I love Papy's idea. Who do you think would win a prune pit spitting contest, Obama or McCain?

  3. I grew up around all kinds of contests but prune pit spitting was not one of them. Watermelon spitting, eating was the most common. Sometimes we hillbillies would have water spitting contests, pie eating contests, pig calling contests. I can't call a pig but I have a mean pig squeal. My mom was proud. ha!

  4. Why not choose the presidential victor that way.....what difference would it make anymore.....the choices we have to vote for seem to get there by fluke, anyway, in my opinion. But, I'm not very politically-minded and ignorant of much in that department.

  5. Indeed, I can think of a politician or two I would like to spit AT. Can i do that? If so, I'm in definitely.

  6. In rereading some of my posts, I see I never conveyed my thanks for the comments on this one.

    Thanks to all of you! Especially Papy, who provided the photographs.