Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Missed the boat, dropped the ball, blew it

No Tuesday ramblings this week. We had an overnight guest on Monday, an old classmate of mine who was on the way back to Texas from North Carolina. This particular guest has been the editor of our “Class of 1958” Newsletter for the past five years (and has done a terrific job, by the way), served on a planning committee for the class’s 50th Reunion back in May, and even provided some of the day’s entertainment. So with all the housecleaning and cooking and welcoming and visiting and eating and, yes, the sitting-up-late talking that took place, Tuesday slipped by, blogwise.

Today all is back to normal. After not having had a drop of rain for more than a month, it’s raining and the weather folks say to expect at least an inch. Much needed, and long overdue.

The leaves are beginning to turn in north Georgia, the sky is blue (except today), and the air is cool and crisp. I love October.

Nothing earth-shattering is going on around here, except that since I will be playing for a wedding and a reception this weekend, there’ll be a bit of extra piano-playing going on for the next few days. Can’t promise I’ll get to the blog, and can’t promise I won't.

Carry on, world.


  1. Sounds like a pleasant time with special guests! And, glad to hear your area is getting some rain!

    What you really should do sometime is do an audiotape of you playing the piano! That would be great fun to hear. Enjoy your musicmaking the next few days!

  2. Okay boss - we will carry on! But what does rhyme with plague? The Hague? Vague? Craig? Is that it? Your name is Craig?
    We visited Georgia in 2002 - Atlanta, Savannah, Moultrie, Macon. Got caught speeding on the main highway south from Atlanta. The cop said he had never even seen a foreign drivers' licence. Weird!

  3. I noticed that you'd been quieter this week. I'm glad it was for a good reason.

  4. YP, you have to go all the way back to my third post, exactly 374 days ago, to learn what rhymes with plague. Here's the link:

    If that doesn't create a real link, copy it and paste it into the address line.

    Jeanelle and Ruth, thanks for dropping by again. I enjoyed seeing MacGregor, Iowa, and the Chicago Botanical Garden on your respective blogs.

  5. Hey, rhymsie,

    You being a reader and deep thinker.....when you have this paper and give me your opinion on it:

    Dispensational Theology


  6. Jeannelle, I may be a reader but I'm probably not such a deep thinker. I speed-read through the paper and saw lots of names and places and doctrines that I recognized. But I am not going to take the bait. I am not going to play. Game called for lack of interest.

    I will tell you two facts about me, though. (1) The first Bible I ever paid for with my own money was a KJV with C. I. Scofield's notes. (2) I haven't used that Bible in about 35 years.