Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Whur y’all from? / Long may they wave.

I have decided to add another gadget to my sidebar. Since I added the Feedjit Live Traffic thingy in December, this blog has had visitors from 40 countries, and I have attempted to save as many of their flags as I could. I have no idea how many total hits there have been because the Feedjit thingy seems to show only the most recent 50 or so. Like Ol’ Man River, it just keeps rollin’ along, hour after hour, day after day, 24/7/365, make that 24/7/366 during leap years. I might have missed a few flags because I myself am not on sentry duty either 24/7/365 or 24/7/366. A man has to sleep sometime.

So I am adding a Flag Counter today. I hope it works. If it doesn’t work at first, please help me figure out what I did wrong. Eventually we, together, will get it working properly -- I have faith in my readers. It would be nice if the Flag Counter worked retroactively and captured the 40 countries I saw before I installed it, but technology does not seem to have progressed that far yet.

I love findin’ out, as they say around here, whur all y’all* come from!

*In my little corner of the world, y’all can be either singular (as in you personally and perhaps other members of your family who are absent) or plural (as in everyone within earshot) but all y’all is definitely plural. Don't laugh. Some of you say you’uns and youse guys. I just know it.


  1. I was just looking at it and it is not counting flags yet. I don't know if it is instant or not but at this point it shows no US flag. I am in the US am I not?

  2. Vonda, don't ask me. I have enough trouble keeping up with myself.

  3. I enjoy the flagcounter. I am up to 54 with Pakistan being added today.

    An Arkie's Musings

  4. Hey, that's cool. Right now it has 2 from U.S. and 1 from Philippines. Does it continue to add day after day, or show visitors from that day only? I guess I can take notice of that for myself.

  5. richies, thanks for commenting. Your blog is the one that gave me the idea. I had never seen the flag counter before. I would love to know why you are not either just plain richie (you by yourself) or richie's (the name of your auto body repair business). Maybe you are a supporter of Birmingham, England's recent decision to stop using apostrophes on street signs (see my 2/2/2009 post, "Lets be very careful out there").

    Jeannelle, from what I saw at richies'/richie's blog, it continues to add day after day, and also arranges them from "country with most hits" to "country with least hits". And it prevents repeat visitors from being counted multiple times. So the numbers shown are individual readers per country. Very neat idea!

  6. I would be happy to let you use the Fisherman Sunrise photo. If you want html that links back to the photo on flickr, just let me know. My e-mail address is richies@sbcglobal.net