Sunday, May 24, 2009

M is for Multitudinous

Some people take photographs of sunsets.

Some people take photographs of flowers.

Some people take photographs of animals.

Others take photographs of churches, or tombstones, or battleships, or antique automobiles.

Me, I play with words.

Therefore, as a public service to those of you who would rather write than switch, including Dr. John Neenah of Linna, Wisconsin (or maybe it’s Dr. John Linna of Neenah, Wisconsin), who sits around making up his own words, I am providing a list of perfectly good words, free of cost, for your reading and writing pleasure. The Merriam-Webster people have done the same thing, but you have to turn a lot more pages.

A: anthracite, appendectomy, arthritis, axiomatic, abalone, aeronautical, aphrodisiac, Afghanistan, acetylsalicylic, alliterative, amniotic, Appaloosa, aquamarine, asthmatic, Amenhotep, authoritarianism, ambidextrous, avoirdupois, autumnal, arduous, awkward, azure, acrimoniously, Arapaho.

B: bituminous, blithely, barbiturate, Bostonian, blacklisted, benchmark, barbaric, Bhutan, bodily, Bosphorus, brittle, backfire, burro, bystander, Byzantine.

C: corpulent, crestfallen, crowded, Capricorn, charlatan, crapola, Charlemagne, cinnamon, clarification, Corpus Christi, chaotic, cushion, cyanide, California, cyclical, cuddly.

D: dehydrated, dastardly, deciduous, dingo, Dramamine, daffodil, debutante, drunkard, Dubai, dazzling, dimwitted, dabbled, dyslexic, disarmingly, dynamite.

Other words come to mind, too, like felonious, heliocentric, pterodactyl, quotidian, Rashtafarian, sanctimoniously, tintinnabulation, and Zinfandel, but they occur much farther along in the alphabet (farther along, we’ll know all about it; farther along, we’ll understand why). Since it is a bright, sunny, Sunday afternoon (cheer up, my brother, live in the sunshine; we’ll understand it all by and by), I think I will stop posting and go lie down for a nice, long nap instead.


  1. Oooh, what fun! I love to play with words too. I think it would be fun to write a story featuring the words you listed. Mine would have an asthmatic Amenhotep who dabbled disarmingly.

    My son is compiling a list of ironic words. So far he has lisp and monosyllabic.

  2. i think toooo many words are is one of my favorite and hat. other than that i don't think the rest are worth very much

  3. ya know . . . it IS a pleasure to stop by and see what yer up to . .
    weird, but fun. :-)

    thanks again,


  4. Yes sir, I think you need to lie down! You appear to be sozzled on words having clearly ingested far too many of them. A man of your senior age should really only have one word to say..."Nurse! Nurse!"...though if you were from Alabama I guess the word would be... "Banjo! Banjo!"

  5. That Alabamistan air must have gotten to you, eh? Are you home now?

  6. After reading those words I feel tired as well. I hope you don't make us write an essay using all of those.

  7. Here's a story:
    The corpulent, crestfallen asthmatic dabbled blithely with dynamite... something something something.... the dimwitted bystander.

  8. Rosezilla (Tracie) - Dabbled disarmingly in what? You don't just dabble blindly, you have to dabble IN something. Do not say Versace.

    Putz (David) - Sam I Am Gerhardstein may agree with you.

    bARE-eYED-sUN - Weird is okay, sort of like halitosis is better than no breath at all....

    Lord Pudding (whoever) - I would call you a young whippersnapper, but you're not so young.

    Jeannelle of Iowa - Yes, I am at home now. The Alabama air did not get to me, but the Alabama heir definitely did.

    Egghead (Vonda) - My deepest apologies; I forgot to say O is for obliterating.

  9. Well, that last retort of mine should have been addressed to Katherine, not Egghead (Vonda)....

    So it should have read as follows:

    Egghead (Vonda) - I would never MAKE any of you write an essay. You should write an essay only if you want to!

    Katherine - My deepest apologies; I forgot to say O is for obliterating.

    All's well that ends well.