Monday, June 8, 2009

I’ll take Totie Fields to block, Peter

Mr. Sam Gerhardstein of Columbus, Ohio, is the winner, hands down, of the Funniest Post Of The Past Week And Perhaps Of The Entire Year contest. In case you were wondering, I created the FPOTPWAPOTEY contest just after discovering Mr. Gerhardstein’s post, and in the interest of full disclosure, it can now be revealed that I was the sole judge of the contest, which I declared closed to other potential contestants immediately thereafter to avoid the sort of embarrassing finale experienced by Carrie Prejean (Miss California USA 2009 and the first-runner-up in the recent Miss USA 2009 contest), who either was treated extremely unfairly or had only herself to blame, depending on your set-in-concrete, pre-existing point of view, and, in any event, whose controversial answer was not nearly as entertaining as that of Miss Teen USA South Carolina 2007.

I seem to have digressed.

I won’t even try to compete with Sam. I will simply do the decent thing and provide a link to his winning blogpost so that you can laugh your way back to mental health.

Here it is:

Zingers from Hollywood Squares

Way to go, Sam!


  1. Thank you, thank you very much, you've been a wonderful audience!

  2. I fondly remember Hollywood Squares. Charley Weaver and Paul Lynde were my favorite "zingers." Thanks for the memories.

    P.S. For the last few days, Internet Explorer would not let me open your, and a many other of my favorite sites without shutting down and rebooting. Enough is enough. I just downloaded Mozilla Firefox and yours is the first site I've visited. No problems with opening.

    Of course, this probably means that I'm going to have hours of work ahead of me to reset my favorite feeds. But...

    ...a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

  3. Sam - Don't mention it; the pleasure is all ours!

    Pat - Did you ever notice that if Paul Lynde were female he would have been Alice Ghostley, or am I the only one?

    I switched to Mozilla Firefox about six months ago when Internet Explorer was giving me fits, and have been very satisfied with it. (Reamus, if you're reading this, you may want to switch to Mozilla Firefox posthaste.)

    There is also Google Chrome, but I prefer Firefox's format because it is more like what I was using before, which shall remain nameless, except that I already named it.

  4. I was going to thank you for leaving a comment, but now I am slightly put out that I didn't win an award. I will try to overlook it.

  5. flurrious - Welcome! Never fear, I fully intend to point people to your blog! Remember, I just discovered it yesterday!

  6. Miss Teen USA South Carolina 2007 is beautiful though. She probably doesn't need brains. At least I hope so, for her sake.

    Had a good chuckle about your post and about Mr. Sam Gerhardstein's post. Have you ever read Suldog's post:
    and the one that follows it?
    Also very funny. Shame you have already closed the FPOTPWAPOTEY contest.

  7. Ah .. so that's what you called it when you nicked it! LOL!

    We had a programme almost exactly like that called Criss Cross Quiz. It started in 1957, and I remember watching it with my mother when I was very small. Clearly you introduced the humour when you imported it to America, because I remember it being very straight over here. Or perhaps, being so young, I just missed the 'zingers'?


  8. RWP:

    I have both loaded, but Firefox has its issues with me too. Much of this has to do with using a netbook on the road... Will try it more often if IE keeps annoying me.

    Trust you are well.