Saturday, August 22, 2009

Speaking of serendipity

(which I mentioned a couple of posts back), here’s a poem I wrote several years ago:

An Amplified Catharsis

Uncontrollably (ungoverned, not hindered),
unbidden (unplanned, spontaneously),
rivulets of salty tears ran down her cheeks
in trenches (gullies, arroyos, canyons)
of pain.

Later (subsequently, eventually, after a time),
when the tears had subsided (lessened, abated, returned
to their banks), she emerged from the dark cavern of
herself to find (perceive, discover, learn) in the

that although her inner wound (injury, hurt, pain, agony),
which she tried (attempted, endeavored) to hide (conceal,
suppress) from her companion (partner, significant other),
had been lessened (diminished, shrunken, made smaller,

her soul (mind, intellect, ego, inner self) was enlarged
(increased, expanded, made greater than before)
by the experience, but not necessarily cleansed;
a truly surprising (unforeseen, unexpected, serendipitous)

(c) Copyright 2007, Robert H. Brague, in Billy Ray Barnwell Here (The Meanderings of a Twisted Mind)


  1. Someone must have had a new thesaurus. Ha.

    I like the (conceivably applied) idea that, when you can't decide which word to use, just use them all, and let the reader pick, choose, select, or determine the one that he or she likes best.

  2. and the more miss spelled, incorrectly used, all the bettter

  3. Nicely done RWP! Not an easy trick...

  4. Reads like the Amplified Bible.

  5. I admire (adore, applaud, appreciate, approve, cherish, commend, credit, delight in, esteem, extol, hail, honor, laud, praise, prize, respect, revere, treasure, value, and venerate) your abilities.

    I should think that it would indeed be a serendipity to have one's soul enlarged.

  6. A thesaurus catharsis!Very cool.

  7. Thank you, thank you! All plaudits are graciously accepted in these parts.

    It is a greater serendipity, I think, to discover that one's soul, though enlarged, is not cleansed. Not pleasant, perhaps, but eye-opening and instructive.

    Enough of this philosophizing.

  8. so give me some tips on HOW TO QUIT blogging

  9. Mr. Putz, Sir, if that is really your name (and I happen to know that it is not), don't you think if I had any tips to give you on how to quit blogging I would have given them to you a long time ago? :o)

  10. Putz: "so give me some tips on HOW TO QUIT blogging"

    I've heard that thoroughly committed alcoholism helps, esp in the end stage. I'm astounded that Rhymes didn't mention it. I can but assume that he doesn't have your best interest at heart--as do I.