Sunday, September 20, 2009

The New, Revised Apostles’ Creed

The following video clip is either extremely sacrilegious, absolutely hilarious, ineffably sad, or some combination of all three. It was first aired on November 24, 1980, nearly 30 years ago, on the British television comedy series Not The Nine O’Clock News. The site where I found it calls it “eerily prophetic.” As for me, I found the gales of laughter from the audience eerily inappropriate.

The New, Revised Apostles’ Creed

I’ll leave it to my readers to decide. In a comment, please vote for one of the following choices:

A - Extremely sacrilegious
B - Absolutely hilarious
C - Ineffably sad
D - A and B
E - B and C
F - A and C
G - A, B, and C
H - Neither A nor B nor C

Please explain your choice in a brief paragraph.

[Update, 9/23/2009: So far, five people have participated in this little exercise. Two of them (40%) picked B. Three of them (60%) picked H. From this very small and admittedly unscientific sampling, what can we conclude? Some of you might be tempted to say “nothing,” but I disagree. What we can conclude, my dear readers, is clear: If you follow the crowd, you are more likely to go to H.]


  1. B.

    Just laugh over it, that's all. Its good for a laugh and laughter is good for the soul. Amen.

  2. b, but i believe in aliens andthe lock ness monster, so where does that leave me in relation to the creed....oh by the way me not blogging and thinking everything i say will turn to gargage and the good intentions of never commenting again, did not work out very well, i must say

  3. H- It is not enough of any of those choices so I choose to just ignore it.

  4. H - It was okay. Mildly funny. Having been a choirboy during my childhood years that monotonous style of delivery is very familiar to me and I think that the four comedians imitated it very effectively. As you know I am a staunch atheist so the idea of the clip being in any way sacreligious is quite meaningless to me.

  5. H.

    It was domne as a joke, it is a joke and pretty much what Yorksire says.

  6. rhymes with bob, did you have your response to the five of us planned all along before you even designed this post...was this response in your noggin when the idea to show the clip was in your noggin????????????????very clever al though i have no idea how you could have done it

  7. Putz - No way! What do you think I am, clairvoyant? How could I have known how people would answer? No, my mind just works that way. When I discover something in my reading that strikes me as funny, I capitalize on the opportunity at once.

    But thanks for your vote of confidence (I think).