Sunday, October 25, 2009

The shortest distance between two points... a straight line, as we all know, except when one of the points is the town of Sheffield in England and the other point is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

In a comment on the previous post, Mr. David Barlow of Ephraim, Utah, took me to task. He accused me of rambling and even of being a tease, all because I had mentioned Santiago, Chile, and the Andes Mountains and these seemed to him to be unrelated to the rest of my post (which, you will recall, was about my friend Yorkshire Pudding’s trip to Easter Island or, as it is known to its closest friends, Rapa Nui).

What I neglected to say in that post was that YP had left his home in Sheffield, England, in the capable hands of his wife, Shirley, and made his way to Heathrow Airport in London (a distance of 176 miles), where he boarded a plane bound for Madrid, Spain (a distance of 783 miles), where he boarded another plane bound for Santiago, Chile (a distance of 6637 miles), where he did a little sightseeing, and then boarded still another plane bound for his ultimate destination, Easter Island (a distance of 2000 miles), a total distance of 9596 miles, give or take a furlong. In Texas, that is what is known as “a mighty fur piece.”

Something else I neglected to mention was that Santiago, Chile, was Yorkshire Pudding’s final “jumping off point” for Easter Island.

More, I trust, will be forthcoming regarding Easter Island itself from the aforementioned Yorkshire Pudding.

Here is a photograph of chili peppers growing.

It has nothing to do with either Santiago, Chile, or Easter Island. I just threw it in for good measure.


  1. I hope you keep on writing in your very distinctive style. Not everyone has to write the same way.

    Love the chili peppers.

  2. i agree with ruth hull chatlien....i am always tickled{not ticked} when i read your style of writing....i am liking sissy lately too, we are triplets you know and boy she tells a good story just like you bob wit.....i am glad i stayed in the blogging world, my boy is on faceplurk and got in trouble with his ex grandma{have you ever heard of an ex grandma?} the wife of my deceased dad for his second and her fifth marriage and made me realize what good fiends i have in my particular blogging world

  3. oh dear me o that is my son's handle...he is going to be so mad when he finds out i didn't change the handle when i blogged, he will probably get me on tweet love putzy, ya know david h barlow from ephraim, which you are calling me lately

  4. "He accused me of rambling"

    A capital crime to be sure. And to think that I was feeling sorry for myself because I was accused of atheism, socialism, liberalism, anti-patriotism, profanity, infidelity, irreverence, sick humor, heresy, and generalized mean-spiritedness--all before breakfast! It is always refreshing to know that, no matter how bad off I am, there is someone worse off. Thank you, Rhymes.

  5. Now we have truthy in blogging and a free picture. What more can one ask for?

  6. Ruth - Thanks for the compliment (I think). I read you regularly, but don't always leave a comment.

    Daniel/David/Putz/Whoever - Thanks for your compliment too! I never thought about you and Sissy and I being triplets. I guess we are about the same age after all. And jinksy in England would make us quadruplets!

    Snow - Thanks for putting it all into perspective! But a couple of those things you have been "accused of" are actually true, aren't they? (I'm certainly not going to say which ones. I'll just get myself in more trouble.)

    Dr. John - Truth in blogging and a free picture! What a concept!

  7. What's with the bestowing of quadruplet status on me, all of a sudden? It has left me all at sea, as I have no recollection of ever sharing a womb with three others....

  8. jinksy - We four are cyberspace quadruplets by virtue of our similar ages, that's all. Other than that, I can't think of four people more different than Putz, Sissy, you, and I. Putz takes everything I say literally and then makes undecipherable comments on other people's blogs. The scary thing is that I'm beginning to understand him.