Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It’s that time of year again

Yes, the old clock on the wall tells us it is once again time to torture ourselves with listen to an annual musical recital by the one and only Anna Russell. Miss Russell died in 2006 just a couple of months shy of her 95th birthday, and one can only wonder whether these recordings were made before or after her demise.

Anna Russell sings “Canto dolciamente pippo” from the opera "La Cantatrice Squelante" by the Italian composer Michelangelo Occupinti (8:16)

Anna Russell sings “O How I Love the Spring” and “Da, Nyet” (6:37)

Anna Russell sings “ “Ah, Lover” from the operetta The Prince of Philadelphia (3:45)

Anna Russell sings “Schlumph” and “Je N’ai Pas la Plume de Ma Tante” (5:50)

Anna Russell sings “Schreechenrauf” (6:52)

Those of you previously unacquainted with Miss Russell cannot say that any more. And those of you who overindulge in alcoholic beverages on New Year’s Eve will discover that listening to Miss Russell sing has the added benefit of making you forget all about your hangover as you rush out to buy a good set of earplugs.

Finally, Anna Russell tells you How to Become a Singer (5:24)


  1. In return, may I recommend to you Florence Foster-Jenkins' rendition of the Bell Flower Song? you can find her on UTube, I think... Enjoy!

  2. i did listen to sceeechenough by her and it did not sooth the pallet, in fact she did screeeech enough for me and the only reason i even dared to listen to it, it that the rendition seem jus like me, a putz

  3. RWP:

    That was ourely awful stuff.

  4. Thank you for commenting and most especially for reading my blog in the first place.

    jinksy - Florence is even worse than Anna, and not nearly as funny. Have you ever heard our Mrs. Elva Miller?

    Putz - I think she is (or was) hilarious!

    Anonymous - You meant "purely," surely.

  5. Hahaha. "Before or after her demise". Great. You made me do my rare but increasingly famous 'Screen spit' laugh. And I haven't a clue who you were talking about.

    AND I only had 4 hour's sleep last night. And the washing-up and state of the lounge is NOT funny, however.

    Happy New Year Robert.