Thursday, December 31, 2009

Yorkshire Pudding has honored me with an award.

And not just any award either. Lord Yorkshire Pudding of Pudding Towers, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, has chosen me as the Top American Blogger of 2009, which recognition is accompanied by this tasteful portrait:

Am I lucky or what?

My absolute delight in having been chosen is tempered somewhat by the deep suspicion that I am quite possibly the only American blogger with whom Mr. Yorkshire Pudding is acquainted, except for Mr. Sam Gerhardstein of Columbus, Ohio, who won the Top Granddad Blogger award. I was also eligible for this award but somehow, inexplicably, was not chosen. Of course, I am much too modest to mention my six magnificent grandchildren over and over and over or show you their photographs repeatedly because, as Belle Watling once said to Melanie Wilkes in Gone With the Wind in an entirely different context, “It wouldn’t be fitten.”

Mr. Pudding was on a roll.

My friend Katherine of The Last Visible Dog shared Top New Zealand Blogger honors with someone I don’t know. Very well done, Katherine!

My friend Ian, a.k.a. Silverback, of Retirement Rocks!, who divides his time between England and Sebring, Florida, received YP’s soon-to-be-coveted Susan Boyle Award and was named the Top Transatlantic Jet Set Blogger. I believe this is somewhat akin to receiving the Gene Hersholt award from the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences (Oscar to you) chiefly for being very old and decrepit and never having received an award in earlier years when you might actually have deserved one.

And my friend Daphne of Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, whose blog is called My Dad's a Communist because, well, er, her dad (who unfortunately passed away about a year ago) was a communist, was named “Blogger of the Year 2009”. Huzzahs all around! Very well deserved! One difference between Americans and Brits is in the number of “hips” used to precede a “hurrah!” and so I do not know whether the cheer that should be used to congratulate dear Daphne properly is “hip, hip, hurrah:” or “hip, hip, hip, hurrah!” Until this international dispute is settled once and for all, please discuss amongst yourselves.

Since I am as gracious in victory as in defeat, I herewith include this link to Yorkshire Pudding’s blog so that not only can you read Lord Pudding's remarks at the awards ceremony and see a picture of grand-prize-winner Daphne, resplendent in her matching turquoise T-shirt and eyeglasses, but also you can learn who received the rest of the awards.

Happy surfing! Or as we Americans say, knock yourselves out!


Daphne said...

Thank you for your kind comments, Mr Brague. Only two "hip"s are the correct number I feel and I would generally follow it with Hurray not Hurrah, though that could be a matter of personal taste. And thank you, as always, for reading my blog!

Sis said...
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Putz said...

i like pudding, although i don't know about yorkshire's pudding

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Pleased to read that you are immensely gratified by the award but disappointed that you imagine the judging panel only assesses three or four American blogs! We looked at literally hundreds! To make the judging process easier we selected one winning blog per state - for example the top Arkansas blogger was a land developer called William or Bill to his friends for his saucy blog "I Did Not Have Sex With That Woman"
Alabama - "Banjo Dreams"
North Carolina - "Carolina on My Mind"
Wyoming "Where is Everybody?"
Montana "Yeah, Where is Everybody?"
Vermont "Ben and Jerry's Cornucopia"
Hawaii "Obama Hoola Hoola"
Alaska "Jesus It's Cold!"
And of course Georgia - hip-hip-hip-hip-hip hurrah For "Rhymes with Plague"
P.S. Because of burgeoning over-population, any grandads with more than two grandchildren are automatically excluded from consideration for "The Grandad of The Year" blogging award so if you "lose" four of the grandkids you will certainly be considered next year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Dr.John said...

Congratulations. I always knew you would amount to something special.
Happy New Year.
May there be many more awards.

Katherine said...

Thanks for your congratulations Robert. Congratulations on your own award. In years to come this select group of which we are a part will probably get together again, and weep and sigh nostalgically over our Tetly's about those good old days when we were famous. We'll probably call ourselves 'The Laughing Horses' and will always end with raising our glasses to our wonderful founder, Lord Pudding.