Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

Along with all the trips to the beach and the going to baseball games and the having backyard cookouts, take a little time to remember the brave men and women who made our freedom possible:

This photograph was made at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. I read the other day that there are 123 national cemeteries in the United States. My Memorial Day post from two years ago shows one in Arkansas, courtesy of Pat -- an Arkansas photographer.


  1. Not only there but here in Europe and everywhere... so many sons, so many brothers, so many boyfriends, so many fathers. All dead before their time. And in Afghanistan the toll increases. Why oh why? The best memorial of all would be Peace.

  2. My Uncle died as a result of the use of Agent Orange in 'Nam.

  3. Yes I say happy memorial day but it is after all a memorial and nothing happy about it except to thank these wonderful men for giving of their lives so we can live free.
    Freedom, so hard to obtain and so easy to lose.

  4. Mississippi had one at Vicksburg and maybe one at Natchez, but I never went there. I have no idea if there's one in Oregon.