Friday, December 31, 2010

Ah, ’tis a bra brit moonlit nit tonit...

...and I’m of a mind this year not to settle for pale imitations of “Auld Lang Syne” but to go with Bobby Burns’s original version.

And after you have listened to it, you may read about it until you’re blue in the face right here.


  1. A right guid-willie waught to you and Mrs Brague at this turning of the years. Who knows what 2011 will hold for us all?

  2. I recently read that it Auld Lang Syne wasn't heard in the U.S. until about 1929 when it was played on a New Year's Eve radio broadcast.

    An Arkies Musings

  3. Having trolled "most" of your blog, I've been trying to connect one of my husband's side of the family with your Brague side of the family. If all is good, his great grandmother and your grandmother were sisters - and their mother was a Cleveland - yes one of them. Would enjoy connecting with you in the New Year! I can write directly to you! Happy New Year's greetings from Wisconsin!

  4. YP, my constant prayer of late is that 2011 will hold peace, safety, good health, joy, and even a little prosperity for us all.

    richies, it is good to hear from you even occasionally. The Wikipedia article in the link in my post says that although Guy Lombardo's orchestra first began broadcasting "Auld Lang Syne" on the radio in 1929, there are newspaper accounts of it being sung in Massachusetts on New Year's Eve exist from 1896!

    Anonymous, it's good to see a lurker come out of the woodwork! I know very little about my Brague grandmother except that she was Edith Lillian Johnson (1877 - 1938), born in either Redwing or Richmond, Minnesota, and had five sons (Arthur, John, Leo, Dan, and Clifford Ray who was called Ted). My father was her youngest. He often mentioned that President Grover Cleveland was supposed to have been a distant cousin. My dad was born in 1906 in Tomah, Wisconsin, and lived in LaCrosse until his family moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, around 1921. Both of my grandparents are buried in Cedar Rapids. I am interested in learning more about Edith Lillian and her family as I have no information at all about her side of the family except that there was an uncle named Morris Kramer. Please do contact me at the e-mail address on my profile page as I am eager to learn more.

  5. P.S. to Anonymous, she was supposed to be descended from the Hydes of Scotland. How ironic that you should contact me on a post entitled "Ah, 'tis a bra brit moonlit nit tonight" (something I heard my father say on more than one occasion).