Sunday, December 26, 2010

“What a pretty wolf little Stinkface has become.”

Although Christmas is over for another year, my Boxing Day gift to the readers of this blog is Daniel Pinkwater reading his Christmas tale, “Wolf Christmas,” on National Public Radio (6:10).

For those of you who would rather read than listen, a transcript is also available at the same link.

We received three inches of snow on Christmas afternoon and evening, the first time the Atlanta area has had snow on Christmas day in over a century (if you don't count a few flurries back in 1983). The white stuff started falling around 11:00 a.m. and continued for nearly twelve hours. This amazing and wondrous state of events has nothing whatsoever to do with Boxing Day, little Stinkface, Uncle Louie, Aunt Fang, or Daniel Pinkwater.


  1. it is a tale of fiction{balderdash

  2. YP, I don't know whether it is a parable, but my next post may rise to that level.

    Putz, of course it is fiction! What's wrong with fiction? Do you think I think wolves talking to one another is truth? I like fiction. Fiction does not equal balderdash. Let me rephrase that. Fiction does not necessarily equal balderdash, although some of it could be. When Jesus said, "A certain man had two sons, and the younger of them said to his father, 'Give me the goods that falleth to me,' and he divided to them his living..." he could have had a specific, real, living family in mind, or he may have made up a story out of whole cloth to illustrate a point. If so, was what he said "balderdash"? Please.

  3. Thanks for sharing the link. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I will have to see if I can find Pinkwater's book; my granddaughter would like this story.