Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today may be St. Patrick’s Day...

...but tomorrow is my birthday.

You’re all invited.


  1. A Happy St. Paddy's Day to you and Mrs. RWP.

    Tomorrow is ALSO a day -- to be celebrated.

  2. I just took Pleng to the airport. She'll be in Atlanta early evening as indicated previously. Before leaving she said in broken English, "Lobbut will to be my Suggapapa"

    Seriously though - to reach seventy in good mental and physical health is a great achievement and I hope you have a lovely day, eat good food and enjoy the love of your wife, your family, your neighbours and your friends. Happy Birthday Bob!

  3. my god you couldn't possibly be seventy<><>,.we are twins and i'm not seventy yet><<><>i'll pick up pleng at the airport if you wish<<>i have nothing better to do than pick up your new housekeeper><<>,.do you have all her immigration papers in proper order??????????????

  4. Thank you, one and all -- Pat, Pudding, and Putz (three P's in a pod). Putz, you may keep Pleng. Whaddaya know, four P's.