Friday, April 15, 2011

I forgot to mention...

Carolina in Nederland and Jinksy in England and Silverback (ditto) and Daphne (ditto) and Helsie in Australia and Vonda on her Little Egg Farm in Oregon and Richie in Arkansas and so many others, like Mimi Foxmorton (The Goat Borrower) and bARE-eYED-sUN and kreatifitas kehudipan (whose language I have yet to determine) and Дарья Анаськина (Daria Anaskina, who uses the Cyrillic alphabet because she is Russian and lives in Russia) and Brian (an Englishman transplanted to Catalonia in Spain) and....

If you don't care to learn about my followers (some are not followers but they are regular readers), do yourself a favor and click on the little thumbnail photographs of your followers sometime. Reading their blogs can be downright fascinating.


  1. I love Caroline in Netherlands posts. Clever and usually accompanied by some lovely photos.

  2. Wine (may I call you Wine?), I agree. Carolina's blog is called Brinkbeest in English because for a long time she wrote one in Dutch as well that was not anything at all like the one in English. Now I have discovered that that I can no longer find the Dutch one, so perhaps she no longer writes the one in Dutch or perhaps she just does not link to it in her English blog, and if that is the case, we are the poorer for it, especially people who speak Dutch, which I don't.