Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wrap your head around this, if you can.

To say that the email I received recently from my daughter-in-law’s father, a retired eye surgeon, was interesting or intriguing or impressive is woefully inadequate.

Stephen Wiltshire is mind-boggling, truly unbelievable, nothing short of phenomenal.

He also is autistic.

Words fail me.

See for yourself (5:22).

Read more about Stephen here.


  1. It's so interesting that he has the two talents...definitely phenomenal!

  2. Did you see the segment on 60 Minutes about people who can remember every event of everyday of their lives?

  3. Theanne (and Baron), I struggled to understand what you meant by "two talents" but I think I finally got it. I don't know, though, whether the ability to remember every detail at a single glance should be called a talent if it is due to autism.

    Snowbrush, I did see that segment on 60 minutes and was surprised to learn that actress Marilou Henner (of Taxi fame) was one of them.

    Emma, it certainly is!