Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Only One Day Left Until Thoracic Thursday


  1. I'm not sure my heart can take the suspense.

  2. Typing with your feet beckons...

    Take care of yourself. ♥

  3. I'm worried you are about to have a hospital operation on your back. As Wikipedia says this:-

    In human anatomy, twelve thoracic vertebrae compose the middle segment of the vertebral column, between the cervical vertebrae and the lumbar vertebrae. They are intermediate in size between those of the cervical and lumbar regions; they increase in size as one proceeds down the spine, the upper vertebrae being much smaller than those in the lower part of the region. They are distinguished by the presence of facets on the sides of the bodies for articulation with the heads of the ribs, and facets on the transverse processes of all, except the eleventh and twelfth, for articulation with the tubercles of the ribs.

    Will you be able to keep on blogging after the operation? Be brave sir!