Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten years ago today

(Photographs above from “Days of Terror” at

(Photographs above from by navexpress)


  1. If only the world could learn from that awful day... but I rather fear that there will be more awful days to come. As John and Yoko might have said - "Peace and Love"

  2. Yoko Ono is オノ ヨーコ in Katakana, おの ようこ in Hiragana, and 小野 洋子 in Kanji. This fulfills everyone's trivia requirement for a month.

  3. bob, or boob is there any reason for us in a reconciliation

  4. Putz, I didn't know we were estranged.

  5. Dear Boob (sniggering, thank you Putz),

    One will never get used to seeing those shocking images. I do feel the world has changed after 9/11 and not for the better. It is so very sad that people do this to each other.

    Hear hear to Lord Pudding and John and Yoko. Peace and Love indeed.