Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vote early and often

Yesterday I was a poll worker (and not, as my daughter-in-law’s mother thought, a pole dancer) here in Cherokee County once again. Although I served at the Macedonia precinct last November, this time I was assigned to the Dixie precinct, which is called that not out of some lingering allegiance to the old Confederacy but because a dirt track called Dixie Speedway where stock cars race is nearby. Altogether, Cherokee County is divided into 44 precincts for its 214,346 residents.

The turnout was light and there were only two items on the ballot:

1. Should Cherokee County allow alcohol sales on Sunday?
2. Should the existing one-cent Special-Purpose Local-Option Sales Tax designated to be used for maintaining existing schools and building new ones (E-SPLOST for short, as in Education Special-Purpose Local-Option Sales Tax) be extended for ten more years?

I’ll tell you how I voted.

I voted NO on the Sunday alcohol sales, not because I am a teetotaling prude who isn’t willing to let other people have a little fun and the freedom to do what they please but because, well, here’s the way I see it: If our local drinking/drunk population is either so financially strapped or so perennially looped that they can neither afford nor stay upright long enough to hie themselves over to their local neighborhood package store on a Saturday and purchase enough demon rum hard stuff libations of the bubbly sort to last them until Monday, things are far worse in this country than any of us thought. Besides, package store owners are an overworked bunch and deserve at least one day off each week like everybody else.

I voted YES on the E-SPLOST because, well, just because. When my children were in school they were the beneficiaries of the foresight of previous voters, and I would like to do my part to help provide the best possible education for future generations of Cherokee County schoolchildren.

Next year we will have at least three and possibly even five elections (if runoffs are necessary), including a presidential preference primary in March, a Republican and Democratic primary to choose the respective parties’ candidates in July, and the general election for President, Senators, Congressional Representatives, and I don’t know what all, in November.

I promise you this, my fellow citizens. Unless I am in a hospital, a jail, a cemetery, or otherwise unavoidably detained, I promise you that I will continue to be a pole dancer poll worker to the best of my ability each and every time the opportunity arises.

May God bless the United States of America.

[Editor's note. This just in. With 100% of the precincts reporting, Sunday alcohol sales were approved by a two-to-one margin (66 per cent to 34 per cent), and the School Sales Tax was also approved by almost the same margin (63 per cent to 37 perent). The sad part is that only about 6,000 people went to the polls in Cherokee County yesterday (I’m including the cities of Canton and Woodstock), compared to more than 40,000 who participated in the November 2010 election and more than 93,000 who participated in the 2008 election when we were selecting a new President. I guess the rest of the populace didn’t care one way or the other whether liquor was sold or taxes were continued or children were educated. --RWP]


  1. I've held a poll here on one topic only: should Rhymeswithplague start his pole dancing career as soon as possible and should he post photos of his pole dancing actions?

    And I can tell you that every person who voted, voted YES.


  2. Carolina, it is rare that 100% of the voters agree on anything. I am reminded of the old saying that there are lies, damned lies, and statistics.

  3. Does this count as a poll or a referendum? I guess they are the same thing.

    Referenda have been a bone of contention in the UK for many years, most commonly on the issues capital punishment and membership of the European Union.

    I'm sure there would be a good turnout on those two issues, but the idea is resisted by the politicians on the grounds that they might come up with the wrong answer.

    Who comes up with the questions to be voted on in the US? Is it local politicians or the people themself?

    I ask because I quite like the idea of any issue being put to the elctorate if a significant proportion of the people sign up to it.

  4. Shows how popular the idea is. We could always ask your commenters to vote too. I vote YES and so did Jinksy... 100% so far ;-)

  5. Oops, Shooting Parrots missed to voting opportunity...

  6. I meant 'the' voting opportunity of course. But your comments count is going up!

  7. Election Night Wrap-Up:Three out of three is indeed 100%. Carolina, Jinksy, and Putz are a triumvirate not to be ignored!

  8. Looking forward to the photos ;-)