Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How green was my Libya

The current total number of those little flag-thingies I have saved from the visitors list is 141, the latest one being the flag of the Cayman Islands:

That’s one you don’t see every day.

It’s amazing how similar some flags are.

For example, the flag of the United States:

and the flag of Malaysia:

are very similar.

Or compare Poland’s flag:


with Indonesia’s:
............................................._____ (This dadblamed line should be one line higher to indicate the bottom of the flag -- white on white is hard to see -- but how to make it go there must remain one of life’s unsolved mysteries)

Then there’s Ireland and Italy...

and Yemen and the Netherlands...

and Belgium and Romania...

and Serbia and the Netherlands...

and Australia and New Zealand...

I wouldn’t say the confusion caused by all these similarities is insurmountable, but it certainly puts the vex in vexillologist.

So, dear reader, if you declared yourself to be a sovereign nation and wanted to design a flag for the new Republic of You, what would it look like? (Give colors, emblems, and so forth, and keep it clean, please!)


  1. 'Vexollogist' isn't a word you come across in blogs every day, but it's one of my favourites.

  2. Mr. Parrots, you still haven't come across the word vexollogist. You came across the word vexillologist.

  3. Readers of every stripe, I was just sitting here thinking that perhaps my next post could be entitled "How green was my tibia" and it would go in an entirely different direction.

    On second thought, perhaps not.

  4. The new flag of Blogland will have a big red B in the middle on a white background and we shall sing the national anthem before it with hands on hearts before saying "I pledge allegiance to the Republic of Blogland and to the Magic for which is stands...One nation... With liberty and justice for all". I am afraid that the square footage you have requested for your chalet is out of synch with other visitors' more realistic requests. You're not a Hollywood film star you know!

  5. Maybe I'd just put your photo on it, and call it good.

    P.S. I'm indeed sorry to read about your gangreenous tibia.