Friday, December 23, 2011

Oy to the world!

Some things are just too funny to ignore!

You’ll plotz*! (4:43)

*A Yiddish word that according to means to collapse or faint, as from surprise, or excitement, but according to it means to split, crack, burst, or explode (as with laughter, I hope).


  1. Brilliant take on it, Bob - and so true! Latkes are extremely greasy affairs!!Just think what it's like in our household - Channukah in the Living room, Christmas in the Dining Room and a Christmas birthday in the Snug; that's a whole load of food, presents and fun! x

  2. Elizabeth, I apologize for the delay in answering. I don't know that I have ever eaten latkes. We Americans do have something at the Waffle House called "hash browns, scattered and smothered" (the smothered part being onions), though.