Thursday, May 24, 2012

Me, me, me -- I'm in love with me, me, me

Snowbrush, a reader in Oregon and a prince of a man, left a comment asking me to post more photographs of myself, perhaps even video, as -- to use his words -- “just posting ONE photo doesn’t quite satisfy your adoring readers.” Well, your wishes, dear readers, are often -- though not always -- my commands, and I have decided to grant Snowbrush’s wish. This post, as the title indicates, is all about me, me, me.

I do not own a digital camera or a smart phone or a camcorder or a scanner. What I do have are old photographs and a semi-dumb cell phone that can take photographs also. So for this auspicious occasion I took photographs of my photographs, sent them to my e-mail address, and uploaded them to this post. So much for my not-quite-state-of-the-art technical abilities.

As befits a dream sequence, the results are a little blurry, but that’s okay. One never remembers the past exactly as it happened anyway, but through the filter of the passage of time. Fuzzily. Through a glass dimly, even.

If you need to turn your computer sideways or even upside down to get a better look, well, that simply cannot be helped. You don’t expect me to do all the work, do you? For your sake, however, I hope you have a laptop and not a desktop, or you may end up having to stand on your head.

Here goes.

Me at six. It was the winter of 1946-47. I was in the first grade at Hancock Street Elementary School in Pawtucket, Rhode Island:

Me at 11 or 12 with my dog. This photo was taken two miles from the one-block-long central business district of Mansfield, Texas, population 970, around 1952. By 2010, the population of Mansfield had grown to 56,368:

Me at 37. This photo was taken at a photographer’s studio in the Royal Palm Shopping Center in Boca Raton, Florida. It (the photograph, not the shopping center) was paid for by my employer, IBM, just before Christmas 1968, and it was eventually used in the only passport I have ever had, the one I took with me on my month-long trip to Sweden in February 1969, which was also paid for by IBM:

These have been three slices of my fascinating life, featuring -- who else? -- me, me, me.

We now return you to the program in progress.


  1. lol... I can't think of anyone else for whom I would turn my computer upside down... What was the dog's name?

  2. I had three dogs in my childhood: Tippy (a border collie), Sandy (a Collie-Shepherd mix), and Frisky (another Collie-Shepherd mix). This is Sandy. Each dog we owned lived to the age of three years, then was hit by a car. This is probably TMI (too much information).

  3. "One never remembers the past exactly as it happened anyway, but through the filter of the passage of time. Fuzzily. Through a glass dimly, even."
    The above was so well put and I applaud your articulation of a slippery notion like that.

    I am not surprised you have refrained from posting that picture of you and Ingrid the busty Swedish chambermaid. Olaf will be forty two or three now. How time flies!

  4. Very good! You've beat me to posting cell phone photos. Bravo!