Sunday, October 28, 2012

Due to circumstances beyond your control... will experience delays in seeing your comments posted from now on. Until I decide otherwise, I will be moderating all comments. Those I like will be posted. Those I do not like will not be posted.

This week the moderation process may take even longer than usual because I will be working as a precinct clerk 12 hours a day in Georgia’s early voting process.

Yesterday the views of my blog reached an all-time high, 621. I do not want things to get out of hand. This ain’t the wild west, people.

Your comments are important to us.

The Management (that is, me)

[Editor's note, 28 October, 8 pm EDT. Get ready for a long, rambling sentence. According to Blogger, today I reached another all-time high in views, 1754, but Shooting Parrots tells me he can't leave more comments and that the one comment he did leave is awaiting moderation but that isn't true as I approved that comment, which is now visible, and Blogger tells me that no comments are awaiting moderation, so something may definitely be rotten in the state of Blogger, either in the number of views or the comments awaiting moderation department. I hope things will clear up by themselves because I don't have a clue as to what, if anything, I should or can do to rectify the situation. Some circumstances are beyond my control, too. --RWP]


  1. My view on censorship is that it is [redacted] most of the time. And all because I mentioned the [deleted].

  2. Sorry I'm slow on the uptake.
    Are you having trouble with nasty comments? 621 views and only 3 comments on the last post ..or is that because don't publish many of them or 2. a lot don't leave comments?
    What a shame.It's always nice to see who's visiting via comments but if you can't say something nice, don't bother saying anything I say . Just don't continue to visit rather than leave a nasty comment.

  3. I hope that my comment will pass the moderation test...
    If you have not visited this fantastic blog before then welcome to the wonderful world of the intelligent, sensitive, humorous, knowledgeable and morally upright American patriot Mr R.W.Brague. His well-crafted posts are varied and always worth reading. His blog moderation is conducted with wisdom and propriety. He would never, ever hurt other bloggers' feelings by cruelly deleting their comments unnecessarily. No siree!

  4. Shooting Parrots, censorship is [redacted] from time to time, but it's not because you mentioned the [deleted].

    Helsie, no, I am not having trouble with nasty comments. If the numbers are true, most viewers just don't leave a comment.

    Yorkshire Pudding, you can call me Mr. R H Brague or Mr. R W Plague, but you mustn't call me Mr. R W Brague. It pains me to have to delete other bloggers' comments, and it hurts me more than it hurts them.

  5. Why would a fellow with less than 100 followers (I didn't look to see how many) have 1,754 views in one day? What's more, you seem unhappy about it. Wouldn't you like more readers?

  6. Snowbrush, who knows? That's why I think something is amiss somewhere, but I do not want to look a gift horse in the mouth, as it were. I am not unhappy about it, just mystified. Of course I would like more readers.

  7. In addition to moderating comments, have you (or is Blogger to blame?) also deleted a recent post? What happened to "The Doctor is Out?" IMWTK

    I'll think about you when I visit our local early voting facility.

  8. "Of course I would like more readers."

    Then do what I do and attack everything that's good. I gained two new (Christian) followers just today. If you weren't already a Christian, maybe they would have followed your blog, but as it was, they just naturally assumed that I needed them more. Make people think that you're a complete mess, and they will do their best to help you, and you too will have 58,000 followers.

  9. Pat - Arkansas, I'm glad you have one of the IM who truly WTK. I can't blame that one on Blogger; I deleted that post myself as I didn't really want to give the commenters free rein to talk about me in my absence. What was I thinking? So I took away their opportunity. It wasn't the comments I saw that bothered me so much as the ones I might receive and not see for days. When the cat's away, etc....

    You gave me no pause whatever, he hastened to add.

  10. Hello hello Robert! Happy precinct clerking!

    I want to assure you I am happy to wait almost indefinitely for my comment to be moderated.

  11. Katherine, thank you for your vote of confidence (I think), or perhaps you are just saying that you have absolutely nothing else to do but sit around and wait to see how long it takes me to put on my moderator's hat and publish your comment! Either way, you are appreciated in these parts.