Saturday, November 17, 2012

Another reason why “Jesus wept” is in the Bible this video clip, How To Throw An Elegant Adult Baptism (1:42), which includes the words “baptee” and “boobalicious.”

Leslie (the woman speaking) is deadly serious throughout.

The “baptee’s” outfit, a short white strapless dress and black cowboy boots, does not portray well the purity of which Leslie speaks, in my opinion.

This exhibition of wretched excess combined with unbelievably poor taste can be explained only partially by the fact that it is a segment of a program called Big Rich Texas. The rest of it cannot be explained at all.

If Jesus were still in His grave, He’d probably be spinning in it.

But that’s just my opinion too. What’s your reaction?


  1. That really is awful! One of the reasons I'm glad we don't live in Texas any more - although bad taste is certainly not confined to that state (i.e., GA and TN).

  2. when we baptise our dead{peoplple} in our temples, we make sure they don't bring any heaven parifinallia with them like choose the right braclets, or angel hair nets which is certainly bad taste in our culture<><>i am sure glad i have no politics left in my lfe, huh bob brauge

  3. Mary Z, our family moved to Texas when I was six and I left when I was 20. We were in the Fort Worth-Dallas area. Where did you live? Referring to your parenthesized states, present company excepted, of course!

    Putz, it's paraphernalia. I have never hears of angel hair nets until now.

  4. Preachers seem to have gotten cuter since I left the church.

    "although bad taste is certainly not confined to that state (i.e., GA and TN)."

    Uh, oh, Rhymes, she isn't talking about your church is she?

  5. My reaction is this - "The uploader has not made this video available in your country." You led me up the garden path and left me there! Clearly barred by the CIA to avoid America becoming a laughing stock abroad.

  6. I would like to apologize to Yorkshire Pudding, whose comment I inadvertently deleted before publishing. The gist of it was that he could not see the video because his uploader would not permit it in his country. He blamed the CIA.

    I don't know about that. It might have been and it might not have been, but I seriously doubt it.

    Snow, I do not think Mary Z was talking about my church but she was definitely talking about my state. And hers, too.

  7. Sadly I'm in the same situation as Mr Pudding, so I'm trying to use my imagination. With limited success it has to be said.

  8. Shooting Parrots and Yorkshire Pudding, maybe this direct link will work for you:

  9. Dear Agent Brague,
    How long have you worked for the CIA? And how were you able to decipher my coded message so rapidly?
    Yours in admiration,
    Comrade Pudding