Tuesday, May 28, 2013

And the winner of the Mystery Couple puzzler is...

Yesterday I posted this photo:

...and asked you two questions:

Who are they? And why did I put them on my blog?

We had hundreds dozens several four entrants.

And the winner (cue trumpet fanfare) is:

Not Mary Z who said, “Vernon and Irene Castle? Arthur Murray and wife?” because even though one of her two guesses is correct she didn’t address the “Why?” part of my puzzler. I did inform Mary Z. that Arthur Murray’s wife’s name was Katherine.

Not Hilltophomesteader who said, “Ah, you and Mrs. RWP look so utterly charming, gliding and swaying together as cheek to cheek you dance to the music in your hearts on your recent anniversary. My but you make a lovely couple! No wonder you’ve been married all these years - cemented together by such a great love....(You said ‘the best answer’...not necessarily the ‘correct’ answer, yes?)” because even though she obviously knows how to butter up a judge she didn’t really address the “Who?” part of my puzzler. Hilltop was definitely a contender, though, unlike this person.

Not Shooting Parrots who said, “The chap looks like David Niven, but Tin Eye tells me it is indeed Vernon and Irene Castle.” not only because he didn’t address the “Why?” part of my puzzler but also because he used Tin Eye when the rules clearly stated “No fair cheating by using the intricacies of modern technology to find out. Either you know the answer or you don’t.” Shame on you, Shooting Parrots.

Not Yorkshire Pudding, film pioneer, who said, “I know virtually nothing about dancing but I would say that that is a picture of Vernon and Irene Castle. My suggestion as to why they are in your blog is because you and your lady Ellie have decided to change your names to Vernon and Irene. Vernon Brague has a sophisticated ring to it - unlike the common sound of ‘Bob’ Brague. Janitor? Trucker? Once renamed you will waltz through the streets of Canton like Ginger and Fred (another unsophisticated name).” which, though it is rather the opposite of buttering up the judge, was the only one of the four entries that really addressed both parts of my puzzler. I replied to Pudding thusly: “Vernon and Irene Brague doesn’t carry near the sophistication of, say, Nigel and Penelope Brague or even Clive and Pamela Brague. But as one should be grateful for what one has been given, we have no plans to change our names.”

But as we must have a winner, a winner we shall have.

The winner, the only entrant who answered both parts of my puzzler, is none other than Lord Yorkshire Pudding of Pudding Towers, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. He was wrong, however, as to the reason I posted the photo of Vernon and Irene Castle.

Receiving honorable/honourable mention and the Creative Writing bouquet of virtual daisies is the one and only Ms. Hilltophomesteader of Somewhere In The Western Portion Of The State Of Washington, Sixty Miles From The Coast.

The other entrants are urged to continue honing their problem-solving skills and to continue entering future contests, reading the rules very carefully. If at first one doesn’t succeed, one should try, try again.

You may remember that the prize was a year’s supply free.

Of what?

Why, happy thoughts, of course.

I have changed my mind -- I hereby declare everyone officially a winner, and here are five happy thoughts from a blogger named Gary to start you off. I’m afraid you’ll have to find the rest yourself. I lied.

I thought the second half of my puzzler -- why did I put a photograph of Vernon and Irene Castle on my blog? -- would have been obvious to regular readers of this blog who ought to know by now are constantly amazed at apparently have no clue about how my mind works.

It seemed the only logical thing to do -- it followed as the night the day -- after I showed you my poem, “The Rather Odd Story Of Iris McGee” which begins:

In a house at the edge of a deep, dark wood,
Near the place where Irene’s castle once stood,...

Well, it seemed obvious to me.


  1. My kind friend,

    You posed two questions and I'm sad that you did not get a cascade of comments to said questions.

    A year's supply of happy thoughts. A lifetime's supply of happy thoughts. And remember, kind sir, that the real contest is not a contest at all. Although I visit a huge amount of blogs, I'm touched by your sincerity and to have that link back to my unassuming site is clear demonstration of the decent person you are.

    Blogging needs you and may the cathartic, therapeutic aspects continue to embrace your heart and soul.

    With much respect and goodwill,


  2. klahanie (Gary), my even kinder friend, thank you for your thoughtful and thought-provoking comment. I shall do my best to live up to your generous assessment of me, but it will be difficult.

  3. Ah! Are you not the clever one! Irene's castle, indeed. You do continue to challenge your readers! May you live long, and prosper!

  4. The chair commends the delegate from Arkansas for her perspicacity and perspicuity. Her report will be filed, with appreciation.

  5. As the winner of the competition, I should like to applaud all of the other entrants for their unsuccessful efforts. It is frustrating that I didn't managed to discern the reason for the picture but who knows how The Great Brague's mind works? It moves in mysterious ways.

  6. Congratulations to Mr. Pudding and I graciously accept my bouquet of...did you say daisies? Hmm. Anyhow, nicely done. Wish I'd known who they were so I could have missed why you...Never mind. I anxiously await your next thought-provoking post. Oh, and please call me Mrs., not Ms. I'm quite thrilled to be married to my sweetie for over 33 years so far!

  7. Hundreds of dozens of several four! I feel lucky to get my comments approved, what with all those hundreds of dozens who don't.