Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout

...famously would not take the garbage out.

I know it’s hard to believe, but I was unaware of this fact/poem/ song/whatever it is until Shooting Parrots created a post today about its author, Shel Silverstein.

As my good deed for the day, I decided to share both the poem and Shooting Parrot’s post with you.

In addition, here are two cartoons from one of Shel Silverstein’s books, Uncle Shelby’s ABZ Book (if you need to, click on each cartoon to enlarge it):

To see a picture of Mr. Silverstein and learn a bit more about him, click here.


  1. yes shel is one of the putzzzes favorities and the reason i am here today bob or BOB is to tell you i have done something>>and this is to inform you of that something{{a post on the once defunct blog of mine}}have you forgotten that already???? drats

  2. hey hey hey, this dude who is seventy one yers old will be celebrating his 50th wedding aniversary in 2014.,<><>next year

  3. Mr. Barlow, Your Exalted Supremacy, Sir Putzy: Just when I thought no one was going to leave a comment on this post of mine, suddenly I get TWO, count 'em, TWO, and best of all, THEY'RE BOTH FROM YOU!!!!! I have been checking your now-defunct blog every day for months, which you would know if you checked for the occasional comment on the last post of yourn.

    Regarding your first comment, who would have ever thunk that Shel Silverstein is what would draw you out of hiding, er, retirement, er, your new home?

    Regarding your second comment, you left it on the wrong post. My anniversary post was two or three back.

    In summary, you are truly an ignoble enigma.

  4. I think that Shel Silverstein is obviously a very immature 8 year old boy and needs his mouth washed out with soap. One of my children (now 28 years old) received one of his books as a gift years ago. I read it and tossed it as trash. Gross. (Now you're probably wishing I hadn't posted!) That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. There are FAR more interesting/intelligent books to read than HIS!

  5. H-T-H-S, I would never wish you hadn't posted. I don't think I have ever read Shel Silverstein's stuff. Wasn't he the guy who always worked his daughter's name, Nina, into his line drawings? That may be somebody else I'm thinking of. I did read that Silverstein was a contributor to Playboy so you may well be right. I should research my subjects more thoroughly.