Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Remembering Jethro (2004 - 2013)

If you don’t absolutely love dogs beyond anything that makes rational sense, it might be better if you left this post right now.

Today, June 19, 2013, would have been Jethro’s ninth birthday. Unfortunately, we lost him on May 31st. He had congestive heart failure, fluid in his lungs and abdomen, and his breathing had become shallow and very labored. With heavy hearts we decided to do what was best for him, although it certainly was not best for us. Our mantel is still full of condolence cards from caring friends.

As a remembrance on his birthday, here is every post I ever wrote that mentioned Jethro:

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I have just re-read every one of these posts, including every last comment from you wonderful people out there in Blogland, and I am comforted.

Putting this post together has left me sitting here weeping. I know I will recover and life will move on, but some things take more time than others.


  1. How sad. My Tanya is 9 or 10 not sure. She looks the same as your little guy.
    I love her to pieces. I keep thinking how hard it would be on me to lose her too. Some dogs you get so attached to and I loved her the moment I picked her up as a tiny munchkin.
    So sorry for your loss.

  2. I absolutely love dogs beyond anything that makes rational sense, and I do understand as we are without a canine companion for the first time in 38 years of marriage.
    An Arkies Musings

  3. Thank you, richies and A Lady's Life, for caring. Pets really do take our hearts, don't they?

  4. I wonder what little Jethro would say if he could speak to you from beyond the grave. I guess it would mainly be "Thank you" for it sounds certain that with Lady Ellie, you gave him a good life.

  5. Yorkshire P., he made it very easy. He was a great dog. We miss him every single day.

  6. Dear lovely Bob, it sounds as though you and Ellie gave him a wonderful life. A huge cyber hug to you and Ellie. x

  7. I miss having a dog. I couldn't ask for a better cat--well, maybe a little better--but I still miss having a dog.

    Off the subject, could we get a shingles check-in sometime soon. I take it that you're far from past suffering from it.

  8. My good friend, as one who also understands the non-judgemental, unconditional love that dogs share with us. Your remembrance of your beloved Jethro touches me with sadness, balanced with my visualisation of your happy moments with Jethro.

    On what of would been Jethro's ninth birthday, always loved, never forgotten.

    Bless you.


  9. Thank you, Elizabeth, Snowbrush, and klahanie, for your kind words. We will get through this, but it's a slow recovery.

  10. "We will get through this, but it's a slow recovery."

    When you do, let me know how because I'm still grieving for dogs that died nearly 60 years ago. I've gotten over losing my parents better than I've gotten over losing my dogs.

  11. I feel for you, what a beautiful chap Jetjro, and I know as much as anyone can do how very much a dog can can bring to someone life. My Lardy (13/14yrs)has been with me through so much, judging not, just being a wonderful wee life beside me. I fear the day she will no longer be there, I wish they lived as long as we do, and I wish he was still there with you. Good to know yet another fine dog-loves walks the Earth along with me. My condolences for your loss Rhymes, sincerely sent, Michelle x

  12. I'm a bit surprised that this post continues to get comments. Thank you, Snowbrush and All Consuming, for caring.

  13. Dear Uncle Bob & Aunt Ellie,

    How are things going with you both? I know you are missing Jethro a lot but remember he is in heaven playing with all his friends and you will again see him one day. I know when I lost Kelsey I was devastated and couldn't go on without getting another dog. There is never a replacement for a dog but sometimes getting another one helps fill the void. Do you all see getting another dog in the near future? I love you both, Rhonda

  14. Hi, Rhonda, thanks for commenting on this post. I apologize for not answering sooner. I thought I had left a reply but apparently I had not. I do not think we will be getting another pet for a while. It took us four years after we lost P.J. to get Jethro.