Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The baby’s name? My money is on......

Elimelech Tiglath-Pileser von Kreutenhausen Ray Jay Johnson.

You can call him Elimelech or you can call him Tiglath-Pileser von Kreutenhausen or you can call him Ray or you can call him Jay or you can call him Ray Jay or you can call him R.J. or you can call him R.J.J., but you doesn’t has to call him Johnson.

Lest you think I have lost my marbles, does anyone remember this guy (0:37)?

Image by Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters


  1. Hmmmm. I'm going to guess the heat is getting to you, Mr. RWP. I don't know who Johnson is (was?), but I dutifully watched the YouTube Video. How....unique.
    I think the royal baby has a hard road ahead in some ways. Born to be a king.....Sounds familiar somehow. Hope his road is filled with love & laughter and that 'fame' will not destroy him. It's hard to be parents nowadays - imagine raising a king.....

  2. Hilltophomesteader, hmmmm, the heat...that's as good an excuse as any, I suppose.

  3. I knew someone called Plunkett-Reuters once. His name was Putz. Do you think Suzanne is related to him? Possibly the niece he used to bounce upon his knee. Wonder what happened to him...

  4. Y.P., her name isn't Plunkett-Reuters, it's Plunkett and she works for Reuters, which is indicated, please note, by a slash (maybe you call it a virgule) and not a hyphen. But thank you for your contribution.

    The only Putz I know of is not named Plunkett-Reuters. I hope he is still reading our blogs and perusing our comments, but one cannot know for sure.