Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Only God can make a tree

I got up earlier than usual this morning and put my flag out.

Here is a column by Breeanne Howe entitled “Hope Of A Tree” that appeared on today.

It says, better than I could say it, what I’m feeling today on the anniversary of 9/11.


  1. I remember that day so clearly. I was in a hospital bed, and caught sight of a tv screen across the ward, with people gathered round, all silent in shock.I turned the tv at the end of the bed on, and saw things I never wish to see again. The article you posted, yes, there's something so sad about humanity that we seem to need such devastating tragedies in order to pull together, to realise how fragile our lives are, and how we should make the most of our time here by caring, loving, sharing respect and tolerance as well(so far it does not mean cruelty towards others). We're a poor show when looked at from above, but there are enough of us I believe, enough who can make a difference of sorts in a small way, to give me some hope. The capability of mankind to devastate is enormous in it's capacity; but so is it's capacity to care and love too. We just need to address this fact. Soon.
    A thoughtful post. Thank you for that.

  2. this is the truth<><>i had a beautiful maple that died, they {peopeop[le} say you cannot grow maples in ephraim utah<><><>don't know why they say it<><><>well this maple came back more beautiful that you could ever imagine<>>>i wonder how that is???? in answer to michelle above, yes there is you and me and crossing guards all around in America, and piano plyers like bob.....and thinkers like snowbrush, and ole souls like pudding etc etc etc so i have hope

  3. I feel a bit out of step here. Yes, I mourn for the lives lost that day, but I also grieve for all of the lives lost to violence. Everywhere, every day. Killing doesn't bring one person back from the dead, or ease the despair of the living.
    I hope, how I hope, that we learn to live in peace and tolerance.

  4. It's one of those days we all remember clearly . Our utter amazement and horror as we watched it all unfold before our eyes and instinctively gathered closer to eachother.

  5. Thanks for link. It was good and echoed my belief in the future.