Saturday, September 28, 2013

So two cannibals are talking to each other...

...and one of them says, “I hate my mother-in-law,” and the other one says, “Then just eat rice.”

*pa-dum-pum* (rim shot on the snare drum)

I have not had access to a computer for nearly a week. The reason will be revealed before you finish reading this post.

But thank you for being concerned enough about me to wonder in the comments section of the preceding post where I was.

Where was I?

I’ll tell you where I was.

Since noon last Sunday until a couple of hours ago I have been in the hospital/in hospital/at hospital (pick your favorite).

*collective gasp or bored yawning, as the case may be*

More to come.

(P.S. -- I began blogging six years ago today.)


  1. Oh dear. I hope nothing serious.
    Glad to see you back.

  2. Oh No! Not news I like to hear. I'm glad you're back, 'though. We await the reason - exclude not all the gory details. Bungee jumping accident. was it?

  3. And about time you got out/back/left (take your pick) too, Robert, we do wonder out here.

    Hope you are mending from whatever it was and...TA DA...Happy Blogging Anniversary!


  4. Welcome back - and I hope you are WELL on the way to complete recovery.
    And happy anniversary too - may there be many more.

  5. Sorry to hear that but it seems since you are home now there must be an improvement. Hope you continue to improve????

  6. You are simply NOT ALLOWED to be ill! We won't have it!! Thankfully you are back - either you are better or you befuddled the hospital folk so much they turned you out. Either way, SO glad to see you back! Have Mrs. RWP make you some homemade chicken soup with noodles, heat up a brick for your tootsies, grab a great book (I suggest the Mitford series to keep you calm) and put a warm quilt 'round your shoulders. You'll be great in no time. (If you're very good, we'll allow one "Happy Anniversary" cupcake, but no more as you are recuperating.)

  7. Wow hospital huh? The lengths some people go to to escape their online stalkers :)

  8. Happy aniversary, I'm glad you are back.....Playing on a skate board is not for the aged.

  9. Well whatever the cause I hope it isn't one too serious. You do leave your audience hanging with baited breath eh? And Congratulations on six years blogging, I'm only seven months behind you actually. *raises a glass to him.

  10. Thank you, everyone, for the good wishes and anniversary congratulations. Kathryn de Chevalle suggested that I had had a bungee-jumping accident and Adrian told me that playing on a skate board is not for the aged (lies, all of them, boldfaced lies). I shall reveal why I was in the hospital in my next post.

  11. i was close to you in numbers of blogs but i stoopeed

  12. Putz, if you were like a railroad crossing sign you would have stoopeed, liiked, and lustened.

  13. "(P.S. -- I began blogging six years ago today.)"

    I started about the same time, and here we've both been in the hospital, whereas others who started about that time, not only had to go to the hospital, they died in the hospital. Who would have thought that blogging would be so dangerous.