Thursday, November 28, 2013

Taking up the gauntlet

Our cyberfriend Lord Pudding of Pudding Towers, Sheffield, York, England droned on waxed eloquent about bridges recently, starting with Jeff and ending with Edale, Derbyshire. In a comment, expatriate Brian in Catalan promised to “take up the gauntlet” soon and post a picture of a bridge also.

I have decided to enter the fray join in the fun.

Here is the main thoroughfare over the Etowah River between my home in East Cherokee and downtown Canton:

As you can see, we take our lives in our hands every single time we go shopping. It’s dangerous, yes, but living on the edge is what Mrs. RWP and I do best.

Actually, I’m not telling the truth. That bridge is really in Sarawak on the island of Borneo. But I had you going there for a minute.

We interrupt this post to wish every single reader of the rhymeswithplague blog -- whether you leave comments or just lurk -- a Happy Thanksgiving Day, even if you live in a country where today is not officially set aside as a day for giving thanks.

And if you do not have an abundance of turkey today, may you have instead an abundance of joy, and hope, and peace, and love.


  1. Sir Robert, what a lovely bridge ~ and I give thanks that you and Lady RWP do not need to cross that footbridge to fetch your turkey.

  2. You did have me going for a minute... I was thinking that your part of the world was much more exciting than I imagined.

    And, thank you for your Thanksgiving wishes. No, we don't do Thanksgiving down here, preferring to make a bigger deal of Christmas with extended stays with family and friends that pushes into summer holidays, swimming at the beach and lots of food and picnics.
    That's how we give thanks down here at the Parson's Nose of the Earth...
    But have a lovely time!

  3. As you may know, I often post pictures of bridges as I'm rather keen on them, so I like your effort, albeit a sneaky one. Thank you for the good wishes, I give thanks often, but all the more-so when reminded. I wish the turkeys could say as much.

  4. Love the bridge.
    Happy giving of thanks to you and yours - today and every day.

  5. A bridge too far, perhaps. Edale, is but a few miles from where I live. A lovely place in the heart of the Peak District.

    And to the second Thanksgiving after the one in that Country above you, unless you live in Alaska, I hope y'all had a peaceful, positive Thanksgiving.


  6. So nice to see that picture of yourself and Mrs B with all your family at the Thanksgiving table and what an enormous turkey! Was it called Cogburn by any chance?...Re. The Bridge Extravaganza, surprised you didn't post a picture of the Katie Hamlin Memorial Bridge. Such a magnificent structure!

  7. A day late and a dollar short, I am. Happy late Thanksgiving to you two, Mr & Mrs RWP!! Hope your day was full of blessings!
    Our main water line broke, so we were without water on Thanksgiving. Husband & son dug a very large hole, restored water to first the main house, then the kid's house the next day. Today we finally had our Turkey dinner and we are even more thankful for rest & running water than we were before!
    Scary bridge, by the way. Never have liked crossing scary bridges or logs high over anything.....