Friday, January 24, 2014

Canton, Georgia - Winter 2014

Here is a scene from the Rhymeswithplague Family Quadrennial Winter Games held this week in Canton, Georgia, USA:

Actually, I lied. That is a photograph of a crevasse on the Ross Ice Shelf in Antartica that was taken by Brocken Inaglory in 2001 (and used here under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license).

But to residents of north Georgia it feels like Antarctica here today. The low temperature this morning in Canton was 8 degrees Fahrenheit (-13 C) with a wind chill factor that made it feel around zero (-18 C). In Anchorage, Alaska, the temperature today was a comparatively balmy 39 degrees Fahrenheit (4 C).

Here is a map showing the location of the Ross Ice Shelf:

The sharp-eyed among you may notice that Adélie Land, the French-claimed sector of Antarctica, is not shown on that map. For your information, Adélie Land lies between Victoria Land and Wilkes Land.

Here’s proof of my assertion:

(Map generated from Antarctica by Lokal Profil, 2008, and used here under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.)

Your last bit of trivia for the day is that Adélie penguins, which Elephant’s Child and Katherine De Chevalle both mentioned in their comments on the previous post, are common along the entire Antarctic coast, not just in Adélie Land.

Here’s hoping that it warms up soon.


  1. "Here’s hoping that it warms up soon." - absolutely, you both stay safe as well, that kind of weather can be dangerous.

  2. Brrrr to you, too. A well-digger's boot is almost tropical in comparison to the temps here. It will warm up a bit in the next day or so, then back into the deep freeze. Enough, I say!

  3. Hmmm. It does seem a bit chilly for exotic places such as...Georgia. My suggestions:
    1) Throw another log on the fire.
    2) Be sure to take your Vitamin D.
    3) Read such excellent books for your amusement that you hardly notice the cold (The Book of Hours, The Blue Castle, The Home Ranch, and the O'Malley Chronicles by Dee Henderson are my top choices today.)
    4) After chores, have Mrs. RWP whip up some homemade cocoa, using your fresh goat milk, of course! A dash of cinnamon & dollop of whipped cream is a nice touch.

  4. thats utah weather, poor dude

  5. Oh don't you just love the French? Such a proud nation of enterprising patriots. How could anyone dispute their righteous claim to Adélie Land? Did you know that The Dumont d'Urville research station was the filming location of the documentary March of the Penguins (2005)?

  6. It has been cold, but I hear it will be even colder in a day or two ...

  7. It's a good lie...well, a funny lie. Anyway I liked it.

    I dropped by to see what you were up to as you occasionally stop by my blog. Also want to mention that I have changed/added a note to part 2 of "Bugsy" which might be of interest to you.

  8. While it's true that penguins "are common along the entire Antarctic coast, not just in Adélie Land." the nicer penguins only live in Adélie Land where the sun shines brighter and the crime rates are lower.