Thursday, April 3, 2014

a-One and a-Two unexplainable videos

From 2014, here are some American bison (common name, buffalo) apparently fleeing Yellowstone National Park (1:09). Obviously they are American because they are using the right side of the road. It is not known why they are fleeing (or even if, in fact, they are fleeing), but the guesses range from they sense a supervolcanic eruption coming to they are on their way to Florida for spring break.

From 1981, here is the Lawrence Welk Orchestra playing “Shuffle Off to Buffalo” (1:56). The Welk sound was called “champagne music” and while you cannot see any bubbles rising you can certainly hear them. Nothing on earth, however, can explain the choice of puke-green three-piece polyester suits.


  1. What considerate bison. Ensuring that their fun run (the classic oxymoron) doesn't interfere with other people's day.
    You are very right about the suits. However, either the colour was just so pukey that it is reflected in the skin tones of those around it (quite possible) or there are some colour issues with the video.
    Mind you, anyone wearing that colour deserves to feel unwell.

  2. Elephant's Child, HAHAHAHAHAHA! and again I say, HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    What? Colour issues with the video? As the French say, "Mais non! C'est impossible!" (pronounced May nonhhhh! Set am-pah-SEE-blay).

  3. As the spooked bufalos ran down the road, I'd have liked to hear a background song - "Now That the Buffalo's Gone" by Buffy Saint Marie....

  4. I'm with Mr Pudding, there should be music - though I think someone should put the running beats with the piece of music you posted. That would work splendidly.

  5. End-of-the-world proponents seem to be sure that the buffalo migration indicates an imminent blowing of the super volcano underlying Yellowstone Park which, although quite distant from mine own abode, would wipe me out. Given the myriad alternatives for my demise, that's about as good a way to go as any.