Thursday, June 26, 2014

The incredible shrinking country

Ladies and gentlemen, and children of all ages, our guest blogger today -- okay, it’s a link to a transcript of a part of his daily radio program yesterday -- is none other than the one, the only, Rush Limbaugh.

At least read it before dismissing it out of hand entirely.

It’s the least you can do while I try to gather what’s left of my wits about me.

Comments, anyone?


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Bullish and opinionated. The headline - "Shrinking American Economy Should be the Only News" is ignorant for it suggests that issues of worldwide significance should be ignored - Syria, Irag, Afghanistan etc.. I also find this fellow obnoxiously unpatriotic in his attitude to America's current and very gifted President. I would like to put Limbaugh's head in a toilet bowl and press the flush button.

rhymeswithplague said...

Neil, you simply must learn not to hold everything inside but to say what you really think. Of course, if you did I probably would not then allow your comment on my blog.

Elephant's Child said...

After reading that I think I need to go away and wash out my eyes and mind.
And sadly our current government is singing (loudly) from the same book.
'Its all about me, and my friends.' There are elements of truth there, but the grains are not, in my opinion, very large.

Flyaway said...

It seems strange to me that the American people used to care about the economy. Now we have developed what Malcolm Muggeridge called "The Great Liberal Death Wish." Solzhenitsyn in a speech at Harvard in the 70’s said that we have forgotten God. We get what we vote for. Or maybe the IRS suppressed the vote by sending the FBI to investigate conservatives!

All Consuming said...

I read it, not to dismiss it straight out of hand. It sickened me as much as the conservatives attitude here does towards the rich and the poor. This attitude will not help by raising national wages and getting housing areas where ghettos spring up, pumping some cash to make their lives better, give them a respectable place to live, the right education, nope, better to take away their benefits and make sure they have no healthcare so they can sink lower, and die like the rats in the street they appear to be viewed as. Let the rich get richer, and look out only for yourself and your own. God bless America, and Great Britain. Though I very much doubt, if he's out there, and read that article, he does any blessing at all.

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