Tuesday, December 2, 2014

In which I am inspired by my previous post to write an entire nautical parody of “That’s Amore” (a song made famous by Dean Martin), to wit:

That’s A Moray

When you wade in the sea
And an eel bites your knee, that’s a moray
When your rammed in the gut
Or get nipped in the butt, that’s a moray

Ships sail by, toora-loora-loo
Toora-loora-lye, and you hope they will note you
Kelp may rot, totta-totta-tot
Totta-totta-tot, you just pray it will float you

When the man-o’-war drool
And you feel like a fool, that’s a moray
When in pain in the surf
In some sea creature’s turf, that’s not love

When you know you can’t swim
Yet you find you are swimming signore
Scusa me, but you see
Back in old Napoli, that’s a moray

(Note. That is not a moray, that is a Portuguese man-o’-war.)


  1. You've missed your way. You should have been on the stage. I know you may already have been on the stage, but as this parody tickled me so much I'm suggesting you go for it at the local amateur dramatic society and add a dance too. *laughs* marvellous effort.

  2. I suspect the poor, shy, reclusive morays are NOT grateful for your song.

  3. No doubt Weird Al Yankovic will soon be contacting you to team up with him and do concerts all over the world.
    Have Mrs. RWP pack up your suitcase so you're ready.
    If you come to the Centralia area, we will buy tickets and ask for your autograph. If you like, we will scream and swoon in the front row for effect.

  4. Thank you, thank you, you've been a wonderful audience (all 3 of you, except maybe Sue, who seems a bit tentative).

    Now it can be revealed: For 20 years at our AT&T Christmas party, another fellow and I (I kept his nastier inclinations in check) wrote and performed (brilliantly, I might add, to much laughter and applause) biting satire about events that had occurred at our office during the year, set to Christmas tunes (example:"Up to the Fourth Floor NYNEX Went, Lots of Money For Training Spent" sung to the tune of "Up On the Housetop Reindeer Pause, Out Jumps Good Old Santa Claus"). I've got, er, we had a million of 'em.

  5. Well, well, well. You dark horse you. Ha! A born performer in more ways than seven. lets have a video of you singing the moray ditty please. Consider it a Christmas present to your adoring fans *winks*

  6. Whooah! Go Bob! (Wild Applause from thr cheap seats at the rear).
    How about singing it and posting it on You Tube? It might go viral!