Wednesday, January 28, 2015

If you must be an aspersion-caster, be an equal opportunity aspersion-caster

I ran across some fascinating information this week. I have no idea whether any of it is true.

A woman named Kate Peregrina has written articles for a website called Thrillist that purport to identify the things various European countries are best at and the things various European countries are worst at. The context is not within the whole world, but within the European Union. I am including the links in my post today so that you can look, read, and learn. Afterward, as Linda Richman (hostess of the Coffee Talk skits on Saturday Night Live) used to say, you can use the comments section of this post to talk amongst yourselves.

Here are some of the “best” categories:

Lowest unemployment
Most recycling
Cheapest electricity
Best at drinking beer
Most dancing and singing
Lowest obesity rate
Fewest divorces
Most people who have quit smoking
Biggest producer of apples
Lowest cocaine use
Fewest teen moms
Lowest homicide rate

...and here are some of the “worst” categories:

Worst traffic congestion
Least freedom of the press
Fewest 18-year-olds in school
Most tax evasion
Highest percentage of prisoners
Highest suicide rate
Fewest cinemas per capita
Lowest voter turnout
Highest cocaine usage

As I said, fascinating.

Here are the links:

1. What Every Country In The European Union Does Best

2. What Every European Union Country Is The Worst At

Finally, just so you know that I am an equal-opportunity aspersion caster, I am including a third link that will clue you in on what Ms. Peregrina says every U.S. state is the worst at. The categories include most tornadoes, fewest inland waterways, worst at incarcerating the elderly, fewest heliports....

3. What Every U.S. State Is The Worst At


Yorkshire Pudding said...

I note that Georgia is the state with least integrity which is surprising Mr Brague as you yourself are the very epitome of integrity, decency and fairness. Perhaps you should head a local campaign to boost levels of integrity in Canton. This might include speeches to assemblies of high school students and prisoners. Having little integrity is a sleight upon the state of Georgia which must be addressed.

rhymeswithplague said...

Yorkshire Pudding, I just knew somehow in my heart of hearts that out of all the 106 facts listed in the three links, you would be the one who pointed out this particular fact to me. But now I must point out to you that the Georgians who have so little integrity are politicians. I am certainly pleased to learn that the politicians in England are all such fine, upstanding citizens! Long may they rave!

Pat - Arkansas said...

Quite interesting -- with several surprises here and there.

rhymeswithplague said...

Pat in Arkansas, glad you enjoyed the links!