Sunday, March 22, 2015

The best play I never saw

For some time Mrs. RWP and I had been looking forward to attending this past week the spring musical production at our grandson’s and granddaughter’s school. When the date arrived, however, illness forced us to stay home. We were very disappointed.

What a pleasant surprise it was, then, to discover that one of the grandchildren’s maternal uncles had posted the playbill:

and an after-show photograph of three principal characters:

on his Facebook page!

Our grandson portrayed Captain Hook. The other characters are Wendy (L) and Peter Pan (R) .

If the acting and staging were half as impressive as the costuming, we missed a wonderful show!


  1. I must say that I am surprised they didn't rope you in to play the crocodile!

  2. It would be astonishing if there aren't at least a dozen videos of the event ... shot by parental audience members ... and drama teacher spouses ... ask around ... ?

  3. The characters look very professional for a scool production. Congratulations!

  4. Hahahah Yorkshire! Rhymes your grandson makes for a magnificent hook! I'm sorry to hear you couldn't make it, but it is great that you have the picture and the playbill. I see you more as Sweeney Todd myself.

    *kidding. Honest guv*

  5. Yorkshire P. Cumquat, Esq., vous êtes tres amusant!

    ThreeOldKeys, the theater at the school is a "no electronics allowed" zone. However, the play was captured professionally by a 3- or 4-camera crew, and I hope to see a copy one day.

    Carol, Don't they, though? This is a very well-heeled school with a very high tuition - nothing but the best for them!

    All Consuming, moi, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street? Puh-leez!!!