Monday, August 17, 2015

Retirement party

Yesterday the little Methodist church I attend put together a reception for me upon my retirement after five years as their pianist.

There is an old joke that “Old musicians never die; they just decompose.”

I will pause until the groaning stops.

In my own case, the following photograph is proof that I did not retire, I was lei’d off.

I hasten to add that I was neither “lei’d off” nor forced out. It was my own decision and completely voluntary. I started being a church pianist/organist when I was about 13 and I will soon be 75. With the possible exception of breathing, I think 62 years is enough time to spend on any activity.

Mrs. RWP and I are not leaving the congregation; I am merely stepping down from the weekly musical tasks. How could we leave the most loving people in the world?

Let the decomposing begin.


  1. Love your smile - and the obvious appreciation that the congregation has for your talents.
    I assume you will still step in from time to time to fill a musical breach.

  2. Well done, good and faithful servant!

    How was the cake?

  3. Elephant's Child, I definitely will. One woman said, "We can find another pianist, but we can't find another you." It's good to leave before people start wishing you would.

    LightExpectations, thank you. The cake was light as a feather and totally delicious! Underneath the frosting, one side of it was chocolate and the other side was white.

  4. If they do not find another gifted, diligent and handsome organist/ piano player they will be begging you to come back to serve the church! How will you be able to resist?

    Oh and what is that on your plate? It looks like mashed potato, black fish eggs, cooked lettuce and a big green caterpillar! Is this a traditional Cherokee County dish?

  5. Yorky, I have told them that I am willing to "fill in" if I am needed. As for the food, (a) it was delicious and (b) many Cherokee Countians' ancestors came from Lancashire originally.

  6. Oh dear, Lancashire! That explains a lot!

  7. You look far too young to retiring from anything RWP. Perhaps just a good excuse for cake.

  8. carolincairns, I don't need an excuse! Also, you may need to have your eyesight checked.