Thursday, April 17, 2008

An update: The saga of the knee continues

As I mentioned in an earlier post (“It didn't even come close to déjà vu!,” April 3rd), Ellie's second knee surgery experience has been decidedly different from her first knee surgery experience three months ago. This continues to be true even after leaving the hospital. There has been less swelling and bruising this time, but more pain. She is still using the walker 17 days out from surgery, whereas the first time she stopped using it on day 11. Also, the tegaderm (second skin) that covered the dressing caused several large blisters on her leg this time. She has not been a happy camper. Also, she is still taking the stronger hydrocodone (Lorset plus) pain medication and hasn't shifted yet to oxycodone (Lorset minus?).

On Tuesday, the staples were removed at the surgeon's office (another difference: only 24 staples were used on Ellie's left knee compared to 37 on her right knee) and then they took X-rays. The surgeon is very pleased with how the knee looks. When asked why the pain is greater this time around, he said, “Every knee is different and every surgery is different.” Ellie will continue to have home therapy through tomorrow. The doctor has ordered six weeks of outpatient therapy beginning next Monday, April 21. When I look at the calendar, it appears we'll be making thrice-weekly trips to Woodstock until almost Memorial Day. But we will get through this. As Ellie often says, “This too shall pass.”

As I've said many times before, “Life is what happens to you while you're making other plans.” (Or was that John Lennon?)


  1. Hello. Just a note to say that I've just found your blog. I've really enjoyed what I've read so far; many of your posts are very thought-provoking. I look forward to reading back through all of them (although I did skip back to the earliest entries to discover how you came up with your blog name.) I send best wishes to your lady wife for speedy and more comfortable recovery from her latest knee surgery.

  2. Sounds like Ellie has the right attitude. God's blessings to her for continued healing.

    Hey.....concerning your question about the cow TV commercial: It sounds like it is an ad for California milk. We read in our dairy magazines that there aren't many dairy farms left in some southern states.....possibly Georgia included? So the market there must be opening up to fluid milk from California. Actually, there's quite a rivalry between dairy producers in the upper midwest and California.

    As for whether "happy" cows produce "great" milk......what makes a happy cow is good health from good nutritiion and comfortable living conditions. That shouldn't really have anything to do with living in a certain don't let those California advertisers fool you!!

  3. pat, thanks for your kind words and for your best wishes toward Ellie.

    What I really want to know is: what is "an arkansas stamper"? (It's not the arkansas part that has me scratching my head.) Do you save postage stamps? S&H green stamps? Dance the square dance Ozark-style (as in "stomp")? Walk around in a huff half the time stamping your foot? Is Stamper your maiden name? Your married name? I'm in the dark; please enlighten me before I implode!

  4. Jeannelle, your answer about the happy cows is right on the money in my opinion--good health, good nutrition, comfortable living conditions. California doesn't have a corner on that market, that's for sure!