Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Am I blue?

I don't know what kind of flower this is, but it is definitely blue! It is blooming at this very moment somewhere in France and is brought to you courtesy of that French blog I posted about recently. If someone knows what sort of flower it is, please let me know! [Update: Pat from Arkansas says it is a clematis.]

Even the beloved bluebonnets of my youth tended toward a blue-violet. There are many shades of blue, of course--azure, cobalt, cerulean. There is my mother's favorite, robin's egg blue. There are cornflower blue, Alice blue, royal blue, periwinkle blue, baby blue, sky blue (North Carolinians say, “If God is not a Tarheel, why is the sky Carolina blue?”), even midnight blue. But what, exactly, should this beautiful blue be called?


  1. Clematis. If I weren't slothful this morning, I'd look up the variety. - Pat

  2. Oh, so funny.......I just saw this flower photo on the French blog right before I came here!! It is very lovely.....I just love blue flowers.

    The Sugar Creek Blog link on my blog has a pretty bluebell photo in a recent post.

    That other French blog link on my blog also has very lovely flower photos in the most recent post.

    Everyone's in the spring flower mood, I guess.

  3. Bob Brague!!!! Is this you? Bob from RCOG? Can't believe you have a blog and I found it! I followed you here from the Internet Monk. I just saw Mark a couple of months ago when we were both working on a VN Weekend. Are you and Ellie still at RCOG?

  4. Carol,

    Hi! Yes, it's me! (It's been me all along, actually.) Some people say I am an anachronism, what with being 67 years old and having a blog and all. Strike "and all." I used to say I was born a hundred years too late and that I would have made a great late Victorian; now I think I was born 30 years too soon. Maybe, like Peter Pan, I just don't want to grow up.

    Ellie and I are doing great and are still at RCOG (29 years as of last Sunday). We are grandparents to six active youngsters. Ellie has had both knees replaced since the beginning of this year. How are you and Peter and flock getting along? Are you still attending Maple Avenue?

    Great to hear from you!

  5. C'est toujours un plaisir de retrouver mes photos sur votre blog. Comme vous l'avez dit, l'image est un langage universel et permet de se comprendre bien au-delà des mots.
    Le bleu de cette fleur se rapproche à mon avis du "bleu Klein", peintre français (1928-1962), célèbre pour ses monochromes réalisés sur la base de ce bleu particulier.
    A ce propos, une petite confidence: je suis daltonien (mais que celà reste entre nous).