Thursday, June 19, 2008

All in favor say "whatever"

I felt it was time to experiment with a new look for my blog. Maybe it’s the summer solstice thing again. Do you like the old format or the new format better? I’m really undecided. So all you frequent and not-so-frequent commenters, please vote! And all you lurkers, too--especially you lurkers--who have never made a single comment on my blog but still check in here and read it from time to time, here’s your chance to make a difference.

All the years I spent in technical writing predispose me to prefer a serif font like Times Roman (the old one) for its readability, but I’m willing to go with a sans-serif font like Arial or Helvetica or whatever this new one is if that's what the majority of you prefer. If that sentence was gibberish to you, be thankful. But please vote!


  1. I like serif fonts personally. But even with the new layout, can't you go into customize and choose the font you want?

    As to the new format, it's very sleek and clean but it has a technology sort of feel. I think for your content, which often includes history and retrospectives, the old format was a better fit. But maybe that was just because I was used to it. It will be interesting to see what others say.

  2. Weeeellll.. I guess the question should be addressed to yourself: do YOU prefer this format over the other?

    I'm not really the person to ask as I'm emotionally earth-toned; I am always drawn to browns, mossy greens, burnt orange, and the like (except for SKY; I like sky to be blue, or beautifully multi-colored as in a sunset; a greeny-brown sky means we should all run for cover).

    I prefer 'softer' fonts, as well. I'm repeating Ruth here, but serif is so 'technical' looking and reminds me of the pages of stuff I use to have to write. Not relaxing at all.

    Be that as it may; I usually read your posts from my RSS feeds, which shows only black and white and serif (the photos do show just as they are published, vintage-looking or otherwise.) However, I go to your *real* page when I want to see comments from others or to respond to a post.

    Ruth said it all better than I can do, and in fewer words. In any event, I'll be back to read what you write in WHATEVER format you may choose.