Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Papy Biou has returned!

No, that’s not Papy. First of all, Papy is a man and that’s a woman. Papy Biou is a Frenchman whose blog, Le monde comme je l'aime, is one of my favorites. He took a long vacation in July and August to replenish his supply of wonderful photographs. Now he is back, and he has granted me permission to post some of his photographs on my blog. As I said, he takes wonderful photographs. (I don’t know anything about photography, but I know what I like.)

One of the photos he took while on vacation was of this woman with an accordion or concertina or whatever it is. I’m not interested in who she is. I’m not interested in where she is or what she is wearing. I’m not interested in the way the light and the shadow play on her face. I’m not even interested in what that thing is called that she is holding in her lap. But I do want to know one thing. The only really important question is:

Did she make it through to the next round?


  1. I agree with you that Papy takes some wonderful pictures. I hope you have found the answer to that burning question. Somehow I don't think that hat is improving her chances.

  2. Is she competing in a accordion squeeze-off or something? Do you know the answer to how she did? Or am I missing something big-time in your question and in the photo?

    For some reason, when I first glanced at your post's title, I thought it said, "Papy has Arrived", and I thought maybe he was visiting you there in Georgia, USA.

  3. An accordion squeeze-off! Of course! That must be it! Somewhere in Normandy, possibly. And here I thought she was a semi-finalist on France's Got Talent!