Saturday, September 13, 2008

Words fail me...

and anyone who knows me can tell you this is downright odd. The reason? Another award has come my way, not for writing this blog, but for my commenting ability. Ruth Chatlien, who is still holding forth at Ruth's Visions and Revisions, has decided to name me a “Super Commenter.”

Here’s the award:
I am honored, although the honor is diluted somewhat by the fact that Ruth gave this particular award to quite a few other people at the same time. She presented a “Super Commenter” award to every single person who commented on a recent post of hers, and I counted 39 comments in all. But Ruth made six of them herself, and another commenter made seven, and at least two more commenters made two each, which puts the actual number of winners at somewhere around 25 or 26. The last time so many people took the stage for an award was probably at this year’s Daytime Emmy Awards when the award for Outstanding Daytime Drama award was announced. In terms of sheer numbers, my co-winners and I are right up there with the entire cast and crew and writers and producers of General Hospital or All My Children or Days Of Our Lives or The Bold and The Beautiful or whatever soap opera’s turn it was to win this year.

But I am not unthankful. Any award beats no award, hands down, any day of the week. And this particular award is even psychedelic. My award-winning comment was not flowery and was actually rather short, so I think I must have made the winner’s circle by the skin of my teeth. I could point to other comments of mine that were much more deserving. But Ruth is an equal-opportunity awarder, and I am proud to display this new award with the others.

My dog Jethro, now he’s a super commenter. Just ask Ruth’s dog, Smokey.


  1. Well, many CONGRATS, you red-caped, web-footed SuperCommenter, you!!! Yes, your comments are ever clever and unique, like your blogposts!

    (The word "commenter" just looks wrong to me. And, I am looking it up in the dictionary as I type this......and, [drum roll] golly, it is in there. I never heard of it before I started blogging, though. "Commentator" is the word I was more familiar with.)

    Sorry to be so picky. Bask in the glow of your award!!!

  2. 'Froggy went a commentin' . . ."

    The little guy looks good over here.

  3. "Words fail me..." Not likely! Thank goodness!

    I've been reading (nothing terribly uplifting, I fear) instead of blogging or taking photos, so am just now playing catch-up on my favorite blogs, of which this definitely is one. I enjoyed your Canterbury Tales and Lord's Prayer posts.

  4. P.S. You look good in green tights and a red cape.

  5. Jeannelle, Ruth, Pat -- I can always count on you! My reading public may be small, but it's special!

    Pat, Ssshh, you got a sneak preview. One is for Monday publication and one is for Tuesday, but Mrs. RWP saw late Sunday night that they were already up. So I went back in and scheduled them properly.

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  7. Well of course you have won all manner of awards. Being a commenter is one of the most important things about blogging. We all love your posts and your comments.