Friday, October 3, 2008

All other ground is sinking sand

The American presidential election, held quadrennially, will take place one month from tomorrow, on November 4th. Millions of words have been written about both candidates and their running mates. I do not propose to add any of my own. I don’t erect signs in my yard or attach bumper stickers to my car. I don’t respond to probes from inquisitive poll-takers. I will vote according to the dictates of my conscience in the privacy of the voting booth. I believe in the secret ballot. Yes, this election is historic and we will soon have either our first black president or our first female vice-president, but what I think, as Billie Holiday used to sing, “Ain’t nobody's business but my own.” How in the world could I have become so un-American? As Yul Brynner once said in The King and I, “Is...a PUZZLEMENT!”

For a completely different take, all you have to do is read Sherry’s blog. She seems to prefer the shrill and strident approach in letting you know exactly what she thinks in political matters, being a graduate of the Joy Behar school of communication and all. I’m not going to provide you with a link to Sherry’s blog or a photograph of Joy Behar. I do try to maintain certain standards. (Sherry, if you’re reading this, I’m joking, sort of. Joy, if you’re reading this, I’ll be one very surprised blogger.)

But that’s not why I started this post. Here’s why: I think Dr. Scot McKnight, a professor at North Park University in Chicago, has written an excellent post today on the JesusCreed blog called “Where is our hope?” and I further think that every American who calls himself or herself a Christian would benefit from clicking on that link.

See, sometimes I do manage to say what I think.


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  2. Ruth, what I said in this post is extremely mild compared to what a lot of bloggers are putting out there (not just Sherry). Of course they have the right to blog whatever they want. So do I. But stating one's opinion is not the same as ferociously attacking or mocking someone with whom you do not agree. Sherry is actually on the milder end of the spectrum in that respect. I was teasing, but teasing with a bite.

    I was brought up in the "you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar" school. Call me old-fashioned.

    Not criticizing anyone or anything at any time is an extreme form of political correctness, I think, that does very little to further a conversation. Sorry to disappoint you.

  3. I came back to delete the other comment because I regretted making it publicly.

    I don't wish to argue with you about this. Of course, you may express whatever opinion you want. Next time I dislike something you post, I will be silent.

  4. Hey....thanks for the link to Scot McKnight's article! It is what we all need to hear. That there is good on both sides, and politics does not our Hope make. Thank you!

  5. Bob I agree wholeheartedly with you about the right to vote and hold your own private opinion on the election. I also agree that people have the right to their own opinions but I do think that it should not be shoved down anyones throat for the sake of pushing a personal view point. I as well do not put signs out, do not post political blogs and do not put bumper stickers on my car.

    I feel it is wise to make a well informed decision but am finding it extremely difficult when what comes from the media and other personal protests and such seems to be so one sided. I can't tell the truth from lies so I choose not to watch the attack ads. If I find well informed and seemingly non-biased articles I read them, I read the voters pamphlet and I watch the debates.

    I will vote and I will vote for the candidate that seems to be the best for our country but I will not say who and it is our right to do so.

    I like Scot's article but I want to re-read it when I have more time to think about it more. I am on the run.