Friday, October 3, 2008

A serious question

Can anyone tell me why Blogger reduces the number of spaces after a sentence? And is there a way to override that particular (and particularly) annoying attribute of our not-always-dearly-beloved Blogger? I guess that’s two questions. Here’s what I mean:

This sentence has one space typed after it. Here’s another sentence.
This sentence has two spaces typed after it. Here’s another sentence.
This sentence has three spaces typed after it. Blah blah ditto.

Do you see any difference? I am frustrated.


  1. I'm not sure about blogger, but as a professional writer and editor, I've been trained not to use double spaces. When you convert word processing to desktop publishing or to professional print layouts, computer programs can be confused by the extra space. They don't know what to do with that character. So it probably has something to do with not junking up the html.

  2. Maybe what I need is a new type font, then. This one, to my eye, scrunches everything up, much too close together.

    What would you suggest? I do prefer a font with serifs to a sans serif one. Could it be a matter of using a proportional or non-proportional font that helps the eye?

    Maybe I don't know enough about using Blogger. If I change the layout, I get the font that comes with it. I don't know how to change the font only but keep the layout.

    In a word, HELP!

  3. I've noticed that, too.....about the spacing between sentences. Ruth's explanation was informative.

  4. It is possible to change the font, though, isn't it? You click Customize....then in the Layout tab you click "Fonts & Colors" and that box shows up at the top with all the choices. You choose and then be sure to click SAVE.....and then you should have the font you want. I have done this before, so am sure it is possible.

  5. Jeannelle is right about how to change fonts.

  6. Ok, I went and looked at the font menu. Are you using Times? If you are, you might want to try Georgia. It's a serif font that is less "scrunched up."

    If that doesn't work, when you type your posts, you could highlight them and make them a bigger font size.

  7. Well, following the suggestions, I discovered that I was already using Georgia font. I switched to Times Roman and adjusted the size a couple of times. After several more experiments, I ended up switching back to Georgia.

    Thanks to both of you for your assistance.